His Honour Judge Simon Oliver works at the Upper Tribunal in London, Isleworth Crown Court and the family court in Reading and Slough County Courts.

This website deals with HHJ Simon Oliver asking for, accepting and taking bribes to pervert the course of justice. He is racist, corrupt and perverts the course of justice in return for illegal and criminal bribes in the UK court system.


Simon Oliver

This is a picture of His Honour Judge Simon Oliver. He is the one who takes bribes using the term ‘gift’. He is the criminal in the court system and eyewitness testimony exists to confirm this.


On June 24th, 2014, my team were sat in the Upper Tribunal located in the Breams Buildings in London for a case involving an unrepresented member of the public against the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). The DBS has functions to bar people from working with children and vulnerable adults. 

At the oral hearing which lasted 4 days, HHJ Simon asked for a ‘gift’ from the parties concerned. The DBS gave him a gift in the form of a box which was wrapped up in a Sainsbury’s Carrier bag. Since then, HHJ Simon Oliver made a mockery out of the court system and the judgement he gave.





This is what took place throughout the 4 day hearing.


Incident in question

On day 1 of the oral hearing:

  • Within 5-10 minutes of the oral hearing initiating, HHJ Simon Oliver puts his hand over the microphone and says ‘Do you have anything for me?’. His head was down at this moment and we believe he was talking to the other side but no one specifically. The DBS barrister ‘BJ’ also putting his hand over the microphone (Only after HHJ Simon Oliver directed he do so) says ‘My client has a gift for you from The Trust’. Kevin Brooks from the Treasury Solicitors (TSOL) approaches the judicial bench with a box (the size of a book) in an orange Sainsbury’s carrier bag. HHJ Simon Oliver immediately puts his other hand up whilst his initial hand was still on the microphone and stops Kevin Brooks in his tracks. HHJ Simon Oliver directs his hand to his left to which Kevin Brooks puts his head down and follows to the end of the judicial bench. Mr Brooks tucks the box in neatly under or behind the bench or a table at the end of the bench away from sight although we could still see a piece of the carrier bag appearing from the area it was placed in. At this moment, a gasp appears in the courtroom about the incident and apparently the way Mr Brooks approached the judicial bench. Michael Flynn, a specialist panel whom also had his hand on the microphone during this period continued writing something whilst he clearly noticed the event. June Funnell, another specialist member laughed at the incident. Simon Oliver had an embarrassed smirk on his face as in ‘Have i been caught’. After this, BJ and HHJ Simon Oliver took their hands off the microphone. We are not sure if Michael Flynn or June Funnell had their hands on the microphone at this time as we were not observing them or their hands at this time.
  • The first day of the hearing was not bad. The judiciary seemed straight forward and impartial. Michael Flynn began doing some minor hand gestures towards the end of the day which we did not consider a major problem at the time. He did the hand gestures around 4-5 times (in guise that’s he’s not interested).
  • Towards the end of the hearing on the first day when the judiciary were retiring, HHJ Simon Oliver, June Funnell and Michael Flynn stood up to leave and were partly gone through the back door. June Funnell was the first one to leave through the back door and HHJ Simon Oliver was partly through the back door and Michael Flynn was in the process of going through the back door. That is when Kevin Brooks of the TSOL and an unknown member in the back of the court room uttered some words (unknown to what it was) and pointed out to the box under the judicial bench/table. To this, HHJ Simon Oliver said ‘Oh yeah’ and directed Michael Flynn pick up the box as Michael Flynn was the last one to leave through the back door. Michael Flynn picked up the box casually and put it with the rest of the items in his hand and left through the door. At this incident, there was a gasp in the back of the courtroom in shock. HHJ Simon Oliver in the meantime had a grin on his face pretending he didn’t know what he was doing. We are somewhat unsure if it was the same box that was placed in the morning as it was picked up quite quickly and Michael Flynns back was also turned towards us during this time. If we remember correctly, it was the same box although we could not physically describe the box that was picked up, only the one that was placed in that area that morning.


On day 2 of the oral hearing:

  • On the second day of the hearing, substantial number of hand gestures started off by HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn. Michael Flynn was more proficient in the hand gestures and he also made facial expressions and gasping noises throughout the day. HHJ Simon Oliver just did hand gestures.
  • The box in the carrier bag was no longer visible from where we were sitting and we believe the box was gone by this time and the box removed the day earlier was the same box that was no longer there.
  • By the end of the morning before lunch, we noticed Michael Flynn give an excess of 30 hand gestures in the form of a wave insinuating he is not interested in the appellants case and the defences. HHJ Simon Oliver did minor hand gestures, probably around 5-10 during this same period.
  • A witness called JR was being cross examined. During the cross examination, Michael Flynn puts his hand over the microphone and asked the appellant to change the question nearly 5-10 times. HHJ Simon Oliver agreed to this. Michael Flynn also continued his hand gestures to nearly another 40-50 in the afternoon. HHJ Simon Oliver also did the same at around 20 times.
  • Michael Flynn started doing facial expressions by moving his head away in a gesture that he is not interested or he is not listening. This happened nearly 30-40 times in the afternoon alone.
  • Michael Flynn started questioning JR about the job but that is as far as his specialist knowledge went. He was actually learning from the witnesses rather than agreeing or disagreeing with the specialist element. Michael Flynn also put his hand up during the appellants cross examination of JR stating he wants to listen to JR and not the appellant. Simon Oliver did the same in addition to Michael Flynn.
  • During the afternoon hearing. Michael Flynn threw his pen on the judicial bench several times, around 10 times in a gesture that he’s fed up of listening to the appellant speak. A comment was made at this time that ‘Your the type of person who should just be working at a petrol station’. This was by Michael Flynn, a racial slur. Due to the appellants unrepresented nature, they didn’t know how to respond. Michael Flynn also tried to put words in their mouth.
  • The appellant spoke in regards to a Gollywog matter where staff members at the former employer were carrying gollywogs and the management of the hospital took no action against the perpetrators. HHJ Simon Oliver said to this remark with his hand once again on the microphone ‘Gollywogs are not a racist, it was at once inappropriate’. Michael Flynn had a stern look on his face and nodded yes.
  • During JRs cross examination, HHJ Simon Oliver said to JR ‘Would you like his name on the internet if BJ upholds this case?’. JR responds by saying ‘Well, most hospitals are aware of him and to stay away from him’. HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn said ‘That’s good’. This was incredibly concerning as this was an actual request by the judge to one of the witnesses. We do not believe hands were on any microphones at this time so it may have been recorded although HHJ Simon Oliver kept his distance from the microphone quite a bit.
  • Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver puts their hands over the microphone about 3 times whilst they whispered to one another without any other party involved what they were discussing.


On day 3 of the oral hearing:

  • During the cross examination of GB, Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver carried on their hand gestures. Michael Flynn may have carried out 50-60 hand gestures, 20 pen throws on his desk, 30 facial expressions and moving his head away and 2 whispers with Simon Oliver. Michael Flynns hands were once again on the microphone several times that we could not count the amount of times he did it. The same with HHJ Simon Oliver where he nodded his head around 5 times and waved his hand about 20 times.
  • When the appellant questioned GB about JRs statement ‘well, JR said in her statement that……..?’. The appellant was immediately interrupted by Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver saying ‘ no, no, no ,no ,no’ and tapping and banging their hands on the table. Michael Flynn once again nodding several times. HHJ Simon Oliver says ‘That’s now 5 times you have misquoted……’. In fact, the appellant did not misquote, it was an actual statement in JRs statement. The hand gestures were far greater on this day and nothing the appellant was saying was being heard.
  • Michael Flynn started an allegation about the appellant not being qualified and that the appellant lied to an agency they were working with. The appellant stated that a clinical specialist does not have to be qualified and they can practice with an equivalent and they did not lie to any agency or anyone for that matter. Michael Flynn stated ‘Your not qualified’ about 15 times and ‘Yes, you did lie’ about 10 times. The appellant said ‘well, the agency are specialists and they never said that’. Michael Flynn states ‘What, they are more specialist then me!’. The appellant said ‘I don’t know what your knowledge of the field is’. Michael Flynn states ‘Well, that should tell you then’ very rudely whilst still doing hand gestures and putting his hand over microphones. Michael Flynn then asks BJ and the TSOL to ask The Trust ‘Whether the appellant needs to be qualified’. Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver said to the appellant ‘Don’t worry, this isn’t going to form part of the judgement, we just want to know for ourselves, its all OK, don’t worry about it’. HHJ Simon Oliver said ‘Yes, don’t worry, its OK’. The response from the Trust came back that the appellant does not have to be qualified to practice so therefore the appellant was correct all along although the judgement does not report this and only reports the fabricated version.
  • When the appellant was being cross examined and was in the dock, HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn said ‘Move closer to the microphone, we want to capture all the content so there are not mistakes whilst their hands were on the microphone themselves.
  • Michael Flynn did 3 hand gestures during the appellants cross examination and nearly 20 time rolling his eyes and moving his face in annoyance from. HHJ Simon Oliver at this time sat back smirking and grinning behind his hand.


On day 4 of the oral hearing:

  • This day summing up was occurring. BJ spent over 30 minutes we believe on his summing up.
  • HHJ Simon Oliver said to BJ that the appellant was a ‘deserted rat’ to which Michael Flynn nodded his head
  • When the appellant was summing up their case, Michael Flynn was waving his hand again about 20-30 times as though he is not interested, HHJ Simon Oliver did it 3 times.
  • Michael Flynn shouted out at the appellant during summing up ‘What, you want to work in a hospital?’. The appellant said ‘Yes, i do and i didn’t harm any child or vulnerable adult’. To this response, Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver responded ‘Well, that’s what we will consider’. Facial expressions and head movements were occurring during this comment.
  • The appellant put forward a case that their human rights have been breached and the procedure to bar was breached which is correct. Michael Flynn waved his hand at this remark. The appellant further mentioned the gollywog and HHJ Simon Oliver says ‘I already mentioned it yesterday, its not racist, it was made in to a big thing at one time’. This comment was made in a much lower voice away from his microphone.
  • Eventually 10 minutes in to the summing up, Michael Flynn and Simon Oliver once again were putting their hands over the microphones and whispering to one another. This occurred 3 times. Eventually HHJ Simon Oliver put his hand up in gesture of STOP! And thats enough of the appellants summing up when they had another 20 minutes of material to put forward which put forward errors of law and facts.
  • The last issue we remembered when the appellant was asking HHJ Simon Oliver how long will it be before they receive the judgement. He said with a smirk on his face that he will be going on holiday for 3 weeks and so the appellant will not receive the judgement under the end of July 2014. He also stated that he will be on a beach somewhere on a last minute holiday. To this remark, Michael Flynn, June Funnell, BJ and others in the back of the courtroom could be heard smirking and laughing. We believe this was HHJ Simon Oliver indirectly implying the contents of the box he retrieved on the first/second of the hearing contained monetary/holiday value and that he will be spending it on a luxury holiday on a beach.
  • The final moment was when the judiciary were leaving, Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver with grins of their faces stood up and continued waving their hand at the appellant as though they are not interested for nearly 20 seconds before retiring.


Throughout the hearing, it was only June Funnell who acted professionally and listened to both sides but we believe she was looking towards HHJ Simon Oliver to understand what he was doing throughout. We think June Funnell has an approach that ’Its a mans world’ rather then act on anything she will observe is wrong. Although our complaint does not relate to her as we had confidence she behaved herself professionally throughout the majority of the hearing.

After observing the judgement, it was clear it was filled with lies, falsehood and deceit and clearly the appellant wasn’t heard. In fact, it would be sensible to say the appellant should not have turned up at the hearing. No safeguarding concerns were identified and no evidence supported the false allegations made against the appellant by the judiciary. The conduct of the judiciary shows they are/were severely biased as even a mere act of impropriety should not exist when handling cases when clearly with the substantial incidents addressed above shows this matter has gone beyond a mere act or a single incident. 

In 2015, the appellant asked the tribunal to reconsider the case under ‘errors of law’. The appellant received a somewhat concerning letter and response from HHJ Simon Oliver basically stating he will in future consider issuing a civil restraint order that i do not agree with his judgement when the appeal was on errors of law. Once again, HHJ Simon Oliver did not respond to the grounds of appeal under errors of law but rather ignored it just like he ignored it at the hearing and at the review of the decision. HHJ Simon Oliver was using his professional powers for personal gain by trying to push the appellant around once again. 

We were also somewhat surprised that HHJ Simon Oliver and other members of the courtroom and judiciary were making a mockery of the court system and communicating with hand gestures the majority of the time and placing hands on microphones throughout the hearing too.

Furthermore, the judiciary, mainly HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn should be suspended from their duties pending disciplinary action against them and also criminal charges placed upon them for:

  • Perverting the course of justice

  • Bribery under The Bribery Act 2010

  • Misconduct in a public office

  • Money laundering

  • Fraud

  • Misuse of public funds

  • Accessory to corrupting public morals

Consideration needs to also be given towards whether Kevin Brooks whom is the TSOL solicitor should also be prosecuted under the bribery act and for perverting the course of justice for giving a ‘gift’ to HHJ Simon Oliver.


Complaint made to the Upper Tribunal President.

A complaint was made to Justice Williams Charles of the Upper Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Chamber about the issues raised. Initially Justice Williams Charles ignored all correspondence but after persistence from the appellant for over a year, he responded. He accepted the complaint and investigated it. After 6 weeks of investigating, the conclusion of Justice Williams Charles was:

  • The appellant was lying but does not support it with evidence. He claims the allegation in ‘incredible’
  • He refuses to investigate the matter of the gift box exchanging hands claiming the allegations is ‘Incredible’ and does not require further investigation.
  • He also claims in his letter that the recordings ‘cannot be retrieved’ on the ‘Dart Server’ and he has not got access to it. No reasons or investigation has been carried out or provided. We believe it has been deliberately deleted to cover up the bribe in question and the behaviour complained of.
  • The president of the Upper Tribunal claims the appellants ‘makes matter up’. No evidence is provided.

As of 2016, the matter is progressed to the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman awaiting an outcome but only on the procedure of the initial complaint.  A separate police investigation is also underway by the metropolitan police.


Police Investigation:

As of June 2016, HHJ Simon Oliver, Michael Flynn, Justice Williams Charles and TSOL Solicitor Kevin Brooks are being investigated by London police where prosecution is pending.


This web page has been created to warn the members of the public and the taxpayer that if you have HHJ Simon Oliver as a Judge, beware, HE TAKES BRIBES. What is even more concerning is his main speciality is the family division of Reading County Court and he has the potential to damage and destroy other peoples families because he wants bribes and gifts all the time. There is a reason why he places his hands on microphones all the time during the court hearings, it’s because he knows he is doing something wrong that he does not want recorded. The reason he does it is because his superiors are also doing it and encouraging him to do it as well. 

HHJ Simon Olivers address is:



HHJ Simon Olivers home

HHJ Simon Olivers home 2

This is the house that perverting the course of justice and taking bribes bought. It belongs to HHJ Simon Oliver. A true criminal in a robe. He keeps all the money from his bribes in his home until he can get his criminal friends to clean up the laundered money before putting it in to the bank. HHJ Simon Oliver does not represent a working judge. He was a spoilt rich kid being raised with a lavish lifestyle. Therefore, he has no sense of morals and resorts to taking bribes in the form of gift boxes because he knows his general work is not that good. 


Personal Life

Judge Simon claims he practices religion in his private life and seems to know a little about the religions practices although this is also a fraud considering he takes bribes in his professional life. He is lying to God and to everyone else around him about his faith as he does not practice what he preaches.

In 2016, his wife kicked him out of their family home because it came to light he was using male prostitutes and he was also involved in a gay relationship with another man. Although there is nothing wrong in being gay, it gives credence to the fact that Judge Simon Oliver is so dishonest in his personal life that he would lead his wife on for lengthy periods of time under falsehood and deceit. He lied to his wife, he cheated on her and he hid his sexuality from her too. We can only wonder what the poor lady went through. She should be commended for kicking him out of the family home. She should now expose him for the bribes he took throughout his judicial and legal career. He now lives in a flat nearby.

The address is:

Sindlesham Court, Mole Road, Sindlesham, Wokingham, Berkshire, England, RG41 5EA.

This premises is paid for by the taxpayers and the bribes and gifts he has received during the course of his career by lying, misrepresenting, colluding, cheating, stealing and fraud against innocent members of the public. It seems like lying, cheating and taking bribes has paid off for Simon Oliver.




If you have concerns about this judge or any other judge, please comment on the section provided below. Judges taking bribes are very common in the judicial system in the UK. Its called ‘The Gift System’. Its only when they get caught is when you see how the complaints process works which is a fraud itself. Judges even took bribes in the form of gift boxes in the Stephen Lawrence case but no one was held to account.

Lets take one small step for the taxpayer and the hard-working member of the public and one giant leap to exposing HHJ Simon Oliver as a corrupt judge who is guilty of dishonesty. bribery and criminal activity.

Thank you for reading


    • Who would want to bum Oliver? There were rumours circulating that the reason he was removed as a vice president of the upper tribunal is because he was using rent boys. Unfortunately I have no remorse for his situation. He has been taking bribes and falsely accusing members of the public. I feel sorry for his victims. He is a criminal in a robe.


    • Lets put it this way, hes been taking bribes in the court system and fabricating judgments against innocent members of the public, then he goes home and lies to his wife and family about his sexuality. The least of my concerns are things getting too much for him. His behaviour is the cause of it! I say he deserves it and his victims should unite and be supported for the criminal activity they have been subjected to. Its seems like this judge and his lies are finally creeping up to him.


  1. I had this judge in my hearing at the Upper Tribunal. He dismissed the appeal because he received a box too from the respondent. I complained but the Upper Tribunal President covered it up. I now have no options left.


  2. Judges behaving badly? You want names? You don’t need NAMES! There isn’t an honest one among them. The are the Godfathers of Legal/Judicial Mafia, protection racketeers a million times worse than Al Capone.
    There are several pubs in England with the name ‘THE HONEST LAWYER’.
    the signs outside all show a lawyer with either his head cut off or his tongue cut out.
    Hitler said, “I won’t be satisfied until every German sees it as a disgrace to be a lawyer.”
    So, Adolf wasn’t wrong on EVERYTHING!


    • What about her ? I personally think she is a good lady and she can see through all the rubbish that is sometimes put in front of her from the people that call themselves social workers and the only interests they have is to provide children taken from loving families to feed their own adoption companies income there should be more like her . That’s my view


      • Justice Pauffley is just as bad as Simon Oliver (in my opinion) there’s plenty of cases to look at to understand why i say this,


  3. This Judge Simon Oliver sentenced me to prison for 6 years at Isleworth Crown Court in London for a crime i did not commit. The prosecutor was gay and him and this judge had a thing going on in the hearing. Im sure they were involved in a relationship of some nature. Thank you for publishing this, this man is very crude.


  4. His Honour Judge Simon Oliver abuse of an extremely vulnerable adult: Leonard Lawrence SL03D00938
    The non disclosure by HHJ Simon Oliver of Court of Protection Medical Certificates CP3’s in 2012/3/4/5/6
    HHJ Simon Oliver writes at point 27 on his Judgement dated 30 August 2012
    “H says that his counsel, at the hearing on 18th August 2005, says that the Official Solicitor did not agree the sale of the fmh at £622,000. However there is no evidence of this”.
    A recent search by HMCTS of HHJ Simon Oliver files at Reading County Court, found the evidence to be with HHJ Simon Oliver. It had been there since 2011 and not disclosed to the Court of Appeal and the Court of Protection by HHJ Simon Oliver in 2012 and 2013.
    “Particularly concerning”. was the failure Det Ch Supt Tim De Meyer, Head of Professional Standards, and Det Insp Gavin Tyrell, Head of Economic Crime Unit, Thames Valley Police to investigate. Another Police Force have now identified offences of fraud and other more serious offence including perjury.

    Who ever sent me HHJ Simon Oliver’s emails a big thank you.

    Leonard Lawrence
    October 2016
    Anyone with information on Simon Oliver please contact me or post on this site.

    Following a phone call from HHJ Simon Oliver to my barrister, Dorian Day St Phillips Chambers Birmingham, my Mr Day withdrew from my case, even when Mrs Justice Pauffley had directed HHJ Simon Oliver to send my case to the Court of Appeal. and HHJ Phillip Waller directed the case be sent to the Court of Protection .

    I had a enlighten call from a former barrister from Tooks Chambers who has encountered HHJ Simon Oliver.


    • Thank you very much for this. Yes I know Simon Oliver very well. He is a serious bribe artist. His salary is in the region of £70-110k a year but his company brings in £4 million a year, I doubt all this is clean money. I have personally and physically caught this man taking bribes and his superior Justice William Charles whom is the President of the Upper Tribunal refused to investigate it and said the tape recordings of the hearing are no longer available. This is not only perjury and fraud but serious organised crime!


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