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Welcome to this blog which is part of Operation ‘X’. If you have reached here, it must be because a Judge or a lawyer has been up to no good. Well, look no further because we are here to help. Operation ‘X’ is here to help the public against bribery and corruption in the British Judicial system. This blog represents the truth against publicly funded criminals and exposes the criminals that operate in our judicial offices.

His Honour Judge Simon Oliver works at the Upper Tribunal in London, Isleworth Crown Court and the family court in Reading and Slough County Courts.

This website deals with HHJ Simon Oliver asking for, accepting and taking bribes to pervert the course of justice. He is racist, extremely corrupt, perverts the course of justice and commits perjury in return for illegal and criminal bribes in the UK court system.


A judge for sale: These are pictures of His Honour Judge Simon Oliver. He is the one who takes bribes using the term ‘gift’. He is the criminal in the court system and eyewitness testimony exists to confirm this and the substantial amounts of comments on this site confirms it further.



The proud Berkshire Freemason in all his glory: Judge Simon Oliver in his Freemasonry attire glorifying his association with the cult organisation. This is an association he is not supposed to have. His association with the Berkshire Freemasons has clear ramifications on his decision making skills which is evident from this website and other media postings about him online.


On June 24th, 2014, our team were sat in the Upper Tribunal located in the Breams Buildings in London for a case involving an unrepresented member of the public against a government department called the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). The DBS has functions to bar people from working with children and vulnerable adults. 

At the oral hearing which lasted 4 days, HHJ Simon Oliver asked for a ‘gift’ from the parties concerned. The DBS gave him a gift in the form of a box which was wrapped up in a Sainsbury’s Carrier bag. Since then, HHJ Simon Oliver made a mockery out of the court system and the judgement he gave.





This is what took place throughout the 4 day hearing.

Incident in question

On day 1 of the oral hearing:

  • Within 5-10 minutes of the oral hearing initiating, HHJ Simon Oliver puts his hand over the microphone and says ‘Do you have anything for me?’. His head was down at this moment and we believe he was talking to the other side but no one specifically. The DBS barrister ‘BJ’ from Blackstone chambers in London, also putting his hand over the microphone (Only after HHJ Simon Oliver directed he do so with hand gestures) says ‘My client has a gift for you from The Trust’. Kevin Brooks from the Treasury Solicitors (TSOL), now called the Government legal department, approaches the judicial bench with a box (the size of a book) in an orange Sainsbury’s carrier bag. HHJ Simon Oliver immediately puts his other hand up whilst his initial hand was still on the microphone and stops Kevin Brooks in his tracks. HHJ Simon Oliver directs his right hand to his left to which Kevin Brooks puts his head down and follows to the end of the judicial bench. Mr Brooks tucks the box in neatly under or behind the bench or a table at the end of the bench away from sight although we could still see a piece of the carrier bag appearing from the area it was placed in. At this moment, a gasp appears in the courtroom about the incident and apparently the way Mr Brooks approached the judicial bench. Michael Flynn (Norwich magistrates court judge), a specialist panel member whom also had his hand on his microphone during this period continued writing something whilst he clearly noticed the event. Janice Funnell (child psychologist from Merton council), another specialist member laughed at the incident. Simon Oliver had an embarrassed smirk on his face as in ‘Have i been caught?’. After this, BJ and HHJ Simon Oliver took their hands off the microphone. We are not sure if Michael Flynn or Janice Funnell had their hands on the microphone at this time as we were not observing them or their hands at this time.
  • The first day of the hearing was not bad. The judiciary seemed straight forward and impartial. Michael Flynn began doing some minor hand gestures towards the end of the day which we did not consider a major problem at the time. He did the hand gestures around 4-5 times (in guise that’s he’s not interested).
  • An adjournment took place around lunchtime at HHJ Simon Oliver’s request. At this time, the DBS barrister BJ asked the appellant that they can leave the courtroom and have a break and to come back in 15 minutes. During this break, the DBS senior management and officials were sat in the back of the courtroom started preparing boxes quickly. Whilst the appellant was outside the courtroom, the DBS senior management (at the request of the DBS CEO Adele Downey), placed a box under the judicial bench. It is unknown what contained in the box but it is very highly likely that it was money in the form of a bribe. When the entire courtroom came back, the DBS senior management and BJ directed to HHJ Simon Oliver that there was ‘something’ under the table for him. HHJ Simon Oliver nodded in acceptance but did not approach the area of the judicial bench where the DBS senior management were pointing towards. 
  • Towards the end of the hearing on the first day when the judiciary were retiring, HHJ Simon Oliver, Janice Funnell and Michael Flynn stood up to leave and were partly gone through the back door. Janice Funnell was the first one to leave through the back door and HHJ Simon Oliver was partly through the back door and Michael Flynn was in the process of going through the back door. That is when Kevin Brooks of the TSOL and unknown members in the back of the court room uttered some words (unknown to what it was) and pointed out to the box under the judicial bench/table. To this, HHJ Simon Oliver said ‘Oh yeah’ and directed Michael Flynn pick up the box as Michael Flynn was the last one to leave through the back door. Michael Flynn picked both boxes casually and put it with the rest of the items in his hand and left through the back door. At this incident, there was a gasp in the back of the courtroom in shock. HHJ Simon Oliver in the meantime had a grin on his face pretending he didn’t know what he was doing. We are unsure if it was the same boxes that were placed in the morning and the early afternoon as it was picked up quite quickly and Michael Flynns back was also turned towards us during this time. If we remember correctly, it was exactly the same boxes as the boxes that were placed there previously did not appear to be there any longer. Michael Flynn placed one box under his left arm and another box in his left hand with a folder and notepad and quietly left through the back door.

On day 2 of the oral hearing:

  • On the second day of the hearing, substantial number of hand gestures started off by HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn. Michael Flynn was more proficient in the hand gestures and he also made facial expressions and gasping noises throughout the day. HHJ Simon Oliver just did hand gestures.
  • The box in the carrier bag was no longer visible from where we were sitting and we believe the box was removed the day earlier was the same box that was no longer there. The second box, we could not see at all.
  • By the end of the morning before lunch, we noticed Michael Flynn give an excess of 30 hand gestures in the form of a wave insinuating he is not interested in the appellants case and the defences. HHJ Simon Oliver did minor hand gestures, probably around 5-10 during this same period.
  • A witness called JR was being cross examined. During the cross examination, Michael Flynn puts his hand over the microphone and asked the appellant to change the question nearly 5-10 times. HHJ Simon Oliver agreed to this. Michael Flynn also continued his hand gestures to another 40-50 in the afternoon. HHJ Simon Oliver also did the same at around 20 times.
  • Michael Flynn started doing facial expressions by moving his head away in a gesture that he is not interested or he is not listening. This happened nearly 30-40 times in the afternoon alone.
  • Michael Flynn started questioning JR about the job but that is as far as his specialist knowledge went. He was actually learning from the witnesses rather than agreeing or disagreeing with the specialist element. Michael Flynn also put his hand up during the appellants cross examination of JR stating he wants to listen to JR and not the appellant. Simon Oliver did the same in addition to Michael Flynn.
  • During the afternoon hearing. Michael Flynn threw his pen on the judicial bench several times, around 10 times in a gesture that he’s fed up of listening to the appellant speak. A racist comment was made at this time that ‘Your the type of person who should just be working at a petrol station’. This was by Michael Flynn and is a racial slur. Due to the appellants unrepresented nature, they didn’t know how to respond. Michael Flynn also tried to put words in their mouth.
  • The appellant spoke in regards to a golliwog matter where staff members at the former employer were carrying golliwogs and the management of the hospital took no action against the perpetrators. HHJ Simon Oliver said to this remark with his hand once again on the microphone ‘Golliwogs are not a racist, it was at once inappropriate’. Michael Flynn had a stern look on his face and nodded yes.
  • During JRs cross examination, HHJ Simon Oliver said to JR ‘Would you like his name on the internet if BJ upholds this case?’. JR responds by saying ‘Well, most hospitals are aware of him and to stay away from him’. HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn said ‘That’s good’. This was incredibly concerning as this was an actual request by the judge to one of the witnesses. We do not believe hands were on any microphones at this time so it may have been recorded although HHJ Simon Oliver kept his distance from the microphone quite a bit.
  • Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver puts their hands over the microphone about 3 times whilst they whispered to one another without any other party involved what they were discussing. 

On day 3 of the oral hearing:

  • During the cross examination of GB, Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver carried on their hand gestures. Michael Flynn may have carried out 50-60 hand gestures, 20 pen throws on his desk, 30 facial expressions and moving his head away and 2 whispers with Simon Oliver. Michael Flynns hands were once again on the microphone several times that we could not count the amount of times he did it. The same with HHJ Simon Oliver where he nodded his head around 5 times and waved his hand about 20 times.
  • When the appellant questioned GB about JRs statement ‘well, JR said in her statement that……..?’. The appellant was immediately interrupted by Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver saying ‘ no, no, no ,no ,no’ and tapping and banging their hands on the table. Michael Flynn once again nodding several times. HHJ Simon Oliver says ‘That’s now 5 times you have misquoted……’. In fact, the appellant did not misquote, it was an actual statement in JRs statement. The hand gestures were far greater on this day and nothing the appellant was saying was being heard.
  • A witness called GB was very honest and said that the appellant has to give the judge a gift if they want a favoured judgement. To this remark, HHJ Simon Oliver put his hand on the microphones and told GB ‘No, no, no!’ and ‘shhhh’ to prevent the appellant finding out what happened earlier on.
  • Michael Flynn started an allegation about the appellant not being qualified and that the appellant lied to an agency they were working with. The appellant stated that a clinical specialist does not have to be qualified and they can practice with an equivalent and they did not lie to any agency or anyone for that matter. Michael Flynn stated ‘Your not qualified’ about 15 times and ‘Yes, you did lie’ about 10 times. This was based on no evidence. The appellant said ‘well, the agency are specialists and they never said that’. Michael Flynn states ‘What, they are more specialist then me!’. The appellant said ‘I don’t know what your knowledge of the field is’. Michael Flynn states ‘Well, that should tell you then’ very rudely whilst still doing hand gestures and putting his hand over microphones. Michael Flynn then asks BJ and the TSOL to ask The Trust ‘Whether the appellant needs to be qualified’. If Michael Flynn was a specialist, he should have no problem answering this question himself rather than asking The Trust. Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver said to the appellant ‘Don’t worry, this isn’t going to form part of the judgement, we just want to know for ourselves, its all OK, don’t worry about it’. HHJ Simon Oliver said ‘Yes, don’t worry, its OK’. The response from The Trust came back that the appellant does not have to be qualified to practice so therefore the appellant was correct all along although the judgement does not report this and only reports the fabricated version.
  • When the appellant was being cross examined and was in the dock, HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn said ‘Move closer to the microphone, we want to capture all the content so there are not mistakes whilst their hands were on the microphone themselves.
  • Michael Flynn did 3 hand gestures during the appellants cross examination and nearly 20 times rolling his eyes and moving his face in annoyance. HHJ Simon Oliver at this time sat back smirking and grinning behind his hand.
  • Towards the end of the days hearing, HHJ Simon Oliver asked the DBS barrister BJ using hand gestures, whilst his other hand was on the microphone once again about the box that was placed in the corner of the bench on the first day. HHJ Simon Oliver was trying to see if the appellant knew about what happened so that Mr Oliver can protect himself better. BJ said ‘So you gave Mr ‘KA’ a bribe?’ . The appellant responded and said ‘no, i did no such thing. it was a fee KA requested for an employment reference‘. On that note, Mr Oliver seemed satisfied that he was protected.

On day 4 of the oral hearing:

  • This day summing up was occurring. BJ spent over 30 minutes we believe on his summing up.
  • HHJ Simon Oliver said to BJ that the appellant was a ‘deserted rat’ to which Michael Flynn nodded his head.
  • When the appellant was summing up their case, Michael Flynn was waving his hand again about 20-30 times as though he is not interested, HHJ Simon Oliver did it 3 times.
  • Michael Flynn shouted out at the appellant during summing up ‘What, you want to work in a hospital?’. The appellant said ‘Yes, i do and i didn’t harm any child or vulnerable adult’. To this response, Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver responded ‘Well, that’s what we will consider’. Facial expressions and head movements were occurring during this comment.
  • The appellant put forward a case that their human rights have been breached and the procedure to bar was breached which is correct. Michael Flynn waved his hand at this remark. The appellant further mentioned the golliwog and HHJ Simon Oliver says ‘I already mentioned it yesterday, its not racist, it was made in to a big thing at one time’. This comment was made in a much lower voice away from his microphone.
  • Eventually 10 minutes in to the summing up, Michael Flynn and Simon Oliver once again were putting their hands over the microphones and whispering to one another. This occurred 3 times. Eventually HHJ Simon Oliver put his hand up in gesture of STOP! And thats enough of the appellants summing up when they had another 20 minutes of material to put forward which put forward errors of law and facts.
  • The last issue we remembered when the appellant was asking HHJ Simon Oliver how long will it be before they receive the judgement. He said with a smirk on his face that he will be going on holiday for 3 weeks and so the appellant will not receive the judgement under the end of July 2014. He also stated that he will be on a beach somewhere on a last minute holiday. To this remark, Michael Flynn, Janice Funnell, BJ and others in the back of the courtroom could be heard smirking and laughing. We believe this was HHJ Simon Oliver indirectly implying the contents of the box he retrieved on the first/second of the hearing contained monetary/holiday value and that he will be spending it on a luxury holiday on a beach.
  • The final moment was when the judiciary were leaving, Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver with grins of their faces stood up and continued waving their hand at the appellant as though they are not interested for nearly 20 seconds before retiring.

Throughout the hearing, it was only Janice Funnell who acted professionally and listened to both sides but we believe she was looking towards HHJ Simon Oliver to understand what he was doing throughout. We think Janice Funnell has an approach that ’Its a mans world’ rather then act on anything she will observe is wrong. Although our complaint does not relate to her as we had confidence she behaved herself professionally throughout the majority of the hearing.

After observing the judgement, it was clear it was filled with lies, falsehood and deceit and clearly the appellant wasn’t heard. In fact, it would be sensible to say the appellant should not have turned up at the hearing. No safeguarding concerns were identified and no evidence supported the false allegations made against the appellant by the judiciary. The conduct of the judiciary shows they are/were severely biased as even a mere act of impropriety should not exist when handling cases when clearly with the substantial incidents addressed above shows this matter has gone beyond a mere act or a single incident. 

In 2015, the appellant asked the tribunal to reconsider the case under ‘errors of law’. The appellant received a somewhat concerning letter and response from HHJ Simon Oliver basically stating he will in future consider issuing a civil restraint order that the appellant does not agree with his judgement when the appeal was on errors of law. Once again, HHJ Simon Oliver did not respond to the grounds of appeal under errors of law but rather ignored it just like he ignored it at the hearing and at the review of the decision. HHJ Simon Oliver was using his professional powers for personal gain by trying to push the appellant around once again. 

We were also somewhat surprised that HHJ Simon Oliver and other members of the courtroom and judiciary were making a mockery of the court system and communicating with hand gestures the majority of the time and placing hands on microphones throughout the hearing too.

Furthermore, the judiciary, mainly HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn should be suspended from their duties pending disciplinary action against them and also criminal charges placed upon them for:

  • Perverting the course of justice

  • Bribery under The Bribery Act 2010

  • Misconduct in a public office

  • Money laundering

  • Fraud

  • Misuse of public funds

  • Accessory to corrupting public morals

  • Dishonesty

  • Fraud by abuse of position

Additional charges related to other cases:

  • Sexual harassment

  • Soliciting for sex

  • Sexual assault

Consideration needs to also be given towards whether Kevin Brooks whom is the Government legal departments solicitor should also be prosecuted under the bribery act and for perverting the course of justice for giving and relaying a ‘gift’ to HHJ Simon Oliver from the CEO of the DBS Adele Downey and The Trust.

Complaint made to the Upper Tribunal President.

A complaint was made to Justice William Charles of the Upper Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Chamber about the issues raised. Initially Justice William Charles ignored all correspondence but after persistence from the appellant for over a year, he responded. He accepted the complaint and investigated it. After 6 weeks of investigating, the conclusion of Justice William Charles was:

  • The appellant was lying but does not support it with evidence. He claims the allegation in ‘incredible’
  • He refuses to investigate the matter of the gift box exchanging hands claiming the allegations are ‘Incredible’ and does not require further investigation.
  • He also claims in his letter that the recordings ‘cannot be retrieved’ on the ‘Dart Server’ and he has not got access to it. No reasons or investigation has been carried out or provided to decide where the recordings have gone. We believe it has been deliberately deleted to cover up the bribe in question and the behaviour complained of.
  • The president of the Upper Tribunal claims the appellants ‘makes matters up’. No evidence is provided to support the claim.

In 2016, the matter progressed to the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman on the procedure of the initial complaint. The outcome was that Justice William Charles has every right not to investigate the complaint as that is his right. A separate police investigation is also underway by the Metropolitan police.

Judicial complaints process:

In 2016 and 2017, a complaint was made using the judicial complaints system. As Justice William Charles covered the matter up, the matter was progressed to the Judicial Conduct and Investigations Office who stated that the Tribunal presidents decision or cover up should be progressed to the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman (JACO). The response from JACO was that Justice William Charles is entitled not to investigate the allegations of Judge Simon Oliver taking bribes. As this cover up now goes to senior levels, we the public must now fight.

Police Investigation:

As of June 2016, HHJ Simon Oliver, Michael Flynn, Justice William Charles and the Government legal departments Solicitor Kevin Brooks are being investigated by London police.

This web page has been created to warn the members of the public and the taxpayer that if you have HHJ Simon Oliver as a Judge, beware, HE TAKES BRIBES. What is even more concerning is his main speciality is the family division of Reading County Court and Safeguarding and he has the potential to damage and destroy other peoples families and lives because he wants bribes and gifts all the time. There is a reason why he places his hands on microphones all the time during the court hearings, it’s because he knows he is doing something wrong that he does not want recorded. The reason he does it is because his superiors are also doing it and encouraging him to do it as well. 

Personal Life

Judge Simon claims he practices religion in his private life and seems to know a little about the religions practices although this is also a fraud considering he takes bribes in his professional life. He is lying to God and to everyone else around him about his faith as he does not practice what he preaches.

In 2016, his wife kicked him out of their family home because it came to light he was using male prostitutes and he was also involved in a gay relationship with another man. Although there is nothing wrong in being gay, it gives credence to the fact that Judge Simon Oliver is so dishonest in his personal life that he would lead his wife on for lengthy periods of time under falsehood and deceit. He lied to his wife, he cheated on her and he hid his sexuality from her too. We can only wonder what the lady went through. She should be commended for kicking him out of the family home. She should now expose him for the bribes he took throughout his judicial and legal career. He now uses a correspondence address which is a mailbox system but please note, he does not live here, this is where he gets his mail. It is part of the masonic lodge which he is a member of. This masonic lodge is the headquarters of the Berkshire Freemasons. This is a secret society.

The address is:

Sindlesham Court, Mole Road, Sindlesham, Wokingham, Berkshire, England, RG41 5EA.

The Fraud and Money Laundering Empire explained: This premises is paid for by the taxpayers and the bribes and gifts he has received during the course of his career by lying, misrepresenting, colluding, cheating, stealing and fraud against innocent members of the public. It seems like lying, cheating and taking bribes has paid off for Simon Oliver.


In 2017, his wife allowed him to come back home.

In late 2017 and early 2018, HHJ Simon Oliver was working with Jordan Publishing to write his own book on special needs and the law. He published his book in November 2017 in Foyles bookstore in London. An image is shown below of this. The book is filled with lies and completely against reality. He had a deal with Jordan Publishing as one of his ‘Gifts’ from a solicitor who HHJ Simon Oliver works with in Reading. It is somewhat very concerning he is writing books now talking about special needs when in fact he is responsible for creating most of the special needs in children by behaving the way he does (taking bribes). Furthermore, he treats vulnerable people and people with special needs like rubbish and he mentions no where in his book about the bribes he takes and the requests for bribes (In the form of ‘gifts’ and ‘loans’).


Publishing lies in a book with the assistance of Jordan Publishing: HHJ Simon Oliver giving a speech at Foyles book store in London talking about his new book on special needs. A deal he most probably received through collusion and bribery in the first place. Unfortunately his book does not appear to be that popular as only 3 people turned up. 


In June 2019, Mr Oliver was chairing a conference on special education needs in London claiming to be an expert in the field (when we know he isn’t). He sat there pretending to be interested when in fact in reality he treats people with special needs like dirt. The comments on this website and several other websites is evidence of it. This whole program was fabricated for the purposes of having confidence in him. Obviously no one at the conference was aware of Mr Olivers past or even if they were, they chose to ignore it.  Strangely so, he chose not to tweak his nipples at this event! Its probably because there were too many people there watching and it would not be appropriate to have so many witnesses to his crimes.



The DEPRIVER of liberty safeguards – Judge Simon Oliver chairing a conference on special education needs and trying to look professional in the process. In reality, Mr Oliver practices under false qualifications. Obviously no one had the audacity to stand up and ask him questions about his disgusting past which includes taking bribes, rapes and murders.

Several allegations have also been made again Mr Oliver. These consist of:

  • Using rent boys for sexual gratification

  • Working with false qualifications as a Court of Protection judge when he does not hold a nominated license

  • Withholding medical certificates in cases involving extremely vulnerable adults

  • Refusing to comply with human rights legislation. More specifically but not limited to article 6, 8 and 10

  • Going into the back with social workers and other litigants with evidence and coming back out laughing and joking

  • Using limited companies to claim state funds to look after children he has put into care

  • Working with social services to carry out kangaroo courts where members of the public are at a disadvantage and having their children ‘stolen’

  • Working with the government department the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to dismiss appeals and accuse innocent health professionals and teachers of being paedophiles whilst boxes are passed to him in court called ‘gifts’

  • Laundering tax payers moneys into offshore bank accounts under different names

  • Requesting from an appellant he requires a Porsche 911 car in return for a favourable judgement

  • Requesting from appellants he requires between £6000-£20,000+ in return for favourable judgements

  • Fabricating judicial judgements and orders in return for obtaining state funds for foster care 

  • Working with CID from Thames Valley Police to execute fabricated search and arrest warrants in return for stealing drugs and money from homes of known criminals and then using the seized items to sell to rival criminals for a fee

  • Being invited to Social services and Thames Valley Police Christmas parties and regularly playing golf with them

  • Refusing to comply with release orders from higher courts and under Human rights legislation’s

  • Using the judicial complaints system for racketeering purposes

  • Mr Oliver has also been allegedly involved in gang rapes of teenagers in care

  • Allegations of murder with the assistance and support of rogue officers from Thames Valley Police 

  • Requesting his court clerk Freddy Cutts to contact appellants and opponents legal teams (solicitors and barristers offices) in current court cases to ask for ‘loans’ and ‘gifts’ (bribes)

  • Mr Oliver has also been involved in contacting legal firms and requesting they desist from representing their clients in return for future favoured judgements and ‘big case wins’ to prevent his money laundering and fraud operations from being detected


If you have concerns about this judge or any other judge, please comment on the section provided below. Judges taking bribes are very common in the judicial system in the UK. Its called ‘The Gift System’. Its only when they get caught is when you see how the complaints process works which is a fraud itself. Judges even took bribes in the form of gift boxes in the Stephen Lawrence case but no one was held to account.

If you have any issues or problems in regards to the conduct of this judge, we advise you contact the police, obtain a crime report or crime reference number and leave it in the comments below so police complaints against this man can be recorded internationally. It is unlikely the police will record your complaint as the police refuse to act on criminals like this because its not good for their own business so if that is the case, just add your allegations in the comments below instead.

Lets take one small step for the taxpayer and the hard-working member of the public and one giant leap to exposing HHJ Simon Oliver as a corrupt judge who is guilty of dishonesty. bribery and criminal activity.

You can also sign an online petitions against this criminal system and Judge Oliver. The links are:





Thank you for reading


      1. Dear Ann,

        Thank you for your comment on my page. If simon oliver fabricated allegations against you to put your children in care, he has committed offences of perverting the course of justice and perjury. You should contact the police. The more police reports against this man, the more the chances of convicting him of judicial corruption. In London, he regularly and openly takes bribes in the upper tribunal to falsely claim and accuse innocent people of being paedophiles. He takes bribes using ‘gift boxes’.



    1. I believe this person was a judge in a case i had against a person who had not paid me, he used a technicality to see i never got paid, and i was told after the case, the opposing lawyer knew him, makes sense now, i want this reveiwed as it has affected my whole career,


      1. Mrs Justice Parker, Dame Judith Mary Frances Parker, DBE, QC
        I know of a case, but the outcome for the mother and the severely disabled son was not good.
        I am in contact with the mother, there are so many of us !
        Leonard Lawrence


    2. Complete disaster, cuts in legal aid, no solicited would represent my family, and have no idea why, no grounds to remove or have adopted are little boy. We were sent fake placement order and re scheduling hearings wrong orders or order of dates so it can be rushed through even though we had a order saying it wasn’t meant to happen for weeks, and then low and behold hhj Oliver has rushed a unsupported adoption order and left the court for a different one Thames valley send us away stating get solicited it’s a civil matter, please how can this be a civil matter it’s complete kidnap.


    3. Judge simon oliver and reading and Wokingham children services and solicitors lie to get your. Children. They should be investigated they put children in. Care to be abused they do not question their carers they take children from good. Family my son. Missing. In care.,, THREE GRANDCHILD IN CARE NOW PAULA


    4. I was a victim in not only the family court but also the crown court in reading that resulted in me going to prison for a crime I was never sentenced for and never even arrested for


    5. We the public need to convene a conference against corruption in the courts, all victims of abuse of the judicial system should register their interest and I will make it happen,there are thousands of victims abused by corrupt judges and as such we the public must put these public servants in check, I have been awaiting for this day to come .

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We too, have been on the receiving end of a corrupt judge (though not Oliver)- could someone not set up a petition with 38 degrees? Exposure to many is the important thing here, then maybe something could be done.


      1. We too, have been on the receiving end of a corrupt judge (though not Oliver)- could someone not set up a petition with 38 degrees? Exposure to many is the important thing here, then maybe something could be done.

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    6. I am Carol Woods Ms and have other judges who pervert the course of justice cover amazing child abuse, MURDER (corporate manslaughter) the cover up of persons who pose as judges but who are not, the police who all model themselves on the MO of the Nazi party and CHERIE BLAIR covered for her PERJURY in my case. I could go on but mostly OLIVER is a FREEMASON do not forget that and apparently the law is not for them. I do not have a web site as such but have added blogs over time most of which the Gestapo delete but some are still on. I have had more than 15 arrests and imprisonments for what? fail to attend is a good one, fail to attend what? Who cares? No one asks. Following someone (unnamed) to a local airport (we don’t have one) on an unspecified date and for that I was ILLEGALLY DETAINED for 4 months with a bent judge JONATHON WILLS over-riding the psychiatrist on a tribunal who knew that charge was ludicrous.Arrested 31 Jan 2018 for being a male from Bournemouth and posting info about my case on his web site as PROOF he is me (I live being gang stalked and harassed minute by minute, gas-lighting, brainwashed etc in LA2 9RP, the Gestapo also stole my lap top. I have no phone and no private access to Internet, my mail is ROUTINELY handed to others who are and have been used to pose as me IN COURTS when necessary and so on. This UPPER TRIBUNAL and in 2009 the Attorney General granted me leave to privately prosecute 3 from that office and all that was linked to the murder of GMP MIKE TODD, anyone can ask. Police corruption aids all this and every single claim I make has cogent evidence.

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    7. Good afternoon All,

      I have set up a situation where I am gathering as much evidence as possible to make a formal case against HHJ Oliver.
      I cannot reveal my identity here, but Len Lawrence knows who I am. I am among other things, a professional intelligence gatherer.
      I wish all genuine victims of HHJ Oliver to contact me asap with their stories . Whatever they send will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence. Oliver and his cohorts will not know who has sent information till we are ready to expose him en masse and all will need to give written consent to move to the next stage.

      But first we need to get a fantastic portfolio of his crimes and criminal activities (with evidence) together.
      The plan is to gather as much testimony and documentary evidence as possible. Paper evidence that you have been genuinely involved with Oliver in the courts and a victim of legitimate injustice is absolutely key to accepting your name on the file. Unfortunately, we cannot act for you on what you feel is an ‘unfair’ ruling or legal outcome unless it is a legally wrong outcome. We can only add you to the HHJ Oliver criminal activity database if we can show there has been genuine Judicial foul play by Oliver with evidence and/or similar.

      We plan to gather audio/visual testimony from victims. These testimonies will be amalgamated into two documents. Both will be used to bring a case against Oliver.
      Witnesses at this stage may do this without revealing their true ID on camera, , but victims’ names will of course be revealed at a later date (with witness signed consent) to police and other law enforcement agencies when we are fully armed and ready to act.
      There are more plans, but it’s not possible to discuss them here, without aiding the enemy. We do not want to do that do we?

      We suggest that any evidence held against Oliver is put in a very safe place. Any evidence on digital file should be double backed up and loaded/saved onto at least two external platforms . Any paper documents should be scanned or photographed and digitally loaded on the same external platforms. All paper documents should be copied and original files should be stored safely. Courts will not happily copies in criminal cases.
      When using documents with the courts or solicitors which contain any reference to HHJ Oliver . Only use the copies and do not let any originals leave your possession (that include your solicitors of public offices) . Dangerous people like Oliver have wide networks and they are very good at ‘cleaning up’ . They will be very upset now that there is a movement in course to expose him and his cronies.

      Please, if you or a family member has ever been a victim of HHJ Simon Oliver please email me at crookedjudge1@gmail.com
      We also wish to hear from Solicitors and barristers at law, who have knowledge of Oliver’s corruption. Their information will also be dealt with in the strictest confidence. We understand how difficult it is for members of the Judiciary to stand against such corruption, without risk of being excommunicated and/or having their careers completely destroyed. Hopefully, if we manage to get enough witnesses and supporting evidence against HHJ Oliver and Co, we can put a very public stop to some of this.

      I am sorry we cannot look at other Judges at this time, the plan is to focus on HH Judge Simon Oliver. If we are successful, then we can move on to other criminals operating within the Judiciary.

      PLEASE EMAIL crookedjudge1@gmail.com

      I would also ask the blogger of this very useful page to also email me please.


      1. Hi
        Sounds good but unfortunately to protect our site and innocent members of the public, we require some ID details of yours. As you can kindly understand, Simon Oliver aka the nipple tweaker has been impersonating others on this site along with members of the MoJ to gather identity details. Can you give us some details of your request? You can add it in confidence just between you and the site operators by adding the details in the area where it says ’email address’. We will delete once we have read it and are satisfied.
        Best wishes


    1. Dear Anita,
      Can you please elaborate? We are trying to expose him and bring him to justice. We believe Simon Oliver has been taking bribes for a long time and he has been doing so in the family courts in Reading at the expense of destroying peoples lives and families.
      Any information or help will be appreciated.


      1. Dear Ella, im sorry to hear about your problems with this criminal and corrupt judge simon oliver who takes bribes. We cannot give you legal advice but we would advise you to go to the police and the local council as well as the citizens advise bereau. You may also benefit to print out this website and use it in any court case which you deem fit to show Simon Oliver has been involved in perjury and criminal activity for a long time. The city of london police have received several reports on this judge in the past. He was investigated for perjury as a result of the Len Lawrence case.


    1. Who would want to bum Oliver? There were rumours circulating that the reason he was removed as a vice president of the upper tribunal is because he was using rent boys. Unfortunately I have no remorse for his situation. He has been taking bribes and falsely accusing members of the public. I feel sorry for his victims. He is a criminal in a robe.

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    2. Lets put it this way, hes been taking bribes in the court system and fabricating judgments against innocent members of the public, then he goes home and lies to his wife and family about his sexuality. The least of my concerns are things getting too much for him. His behaviour is the cause of it! I say he deserves it and his victims should unite and be supported for the criminal activity they have been subjected to. Its seems like this judge and his lies are finally creeping up to him.


      1. Hi,can you please contact me urgently. This judge was responsible for some ” unknown” strangers stealing my only Child from his school last week. I still have not seen or heard from my child and it’s a nightmare for me and my child. My child is in high risk of emotional abuse and negligence with strangers around him now.He was solely cared by his mother well,past 9 years of his life and there are plenty of supporting documents to prove the high standards of care the child had. My child was stolen from his school last week without his mother’s permission/ awareness, by using a fabricated and fraud document. I have never seen this judge in my life but his name was written on that document which was shown to cheat the child’s head teacher to steal my child. This abusive action was taken againt my vulnerable child with a false document produced out of an unlawful hearing “without both parties” presence in court for a final hearing ( for which court didn’t send any notice of hearing to parties)..! Eventually, I came to know father stole the child with illegal doings of his high paid solicitor by using this judge.Father lived mainly abroad past 9 years & has never “even once” been to child’s school past 4 years of child’s schooling.The child has also not seen or talked to the father past 3 years of divorce proceedings.Now after this child abusive incident by using a fraud document, I don’t think my child can be safe alone with his father or strangers around him, since the biggest & clear evidence is that father has not showed/ proved to a court his “parenting capacity” to keep a child with him. And father’s behaviours, alcoholism reactions etc is unknown to court . So no lawful or real court will put a child’s life in such possible harm especially by making him live without his mother’s care of past 9 years which child is used to- No matter what..! That document also says child’s mother is not allowed to visit child’s school..!!! Everyone found this extremely strange.! Because i am highly concerned about my child’s safety and wellbeing, I have put up my story in my face book so that this never happens again to any more innocent children and I can rescue my child.

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      2. Hi Mia,
        Thank you posting your concerns. This judge oliver is a bribe artist and has been regularly taking bribes to give false judgements. Your partners lawyer was not high priced as you probably think he was but his lawyer most probably gave judge oliver a ‘gift’ which is a bribe. They do this by placing boxes in court rooms with stocks, bonds, money, holidays, cruises etc but money is the most common. Judge oliver has given fabricated judgments for a minimum of £8000 in the past. He makes £4 million pounds using a bribery racket system. We advise you to report the matter to the police and add the crime reference report to this blog in the comments. You should also print this blog and take it to the police to show judge olivers pattern of criminal behaviour. No wonder judge olivers wife kicked him out.


      3. Hi, thank you for the response. But I reported to the local police saying that my child is being kidnapped from his school by using a fraud court order which had this judge’s name in it. But looks like police is trying to cover up the wrong happenings as a part of corruption. Which other police should I complaint to ? I feel they are not even willing to file my complaints. My child’s life is in danger & police can’t take it seriously?!!. Please advise.


      4. Hi
        We cannot give you legal advice as we are not a law firm. But if the police do not want to log complaints as they do not want it to form part of ‘unsolved crimes’ then you should contact the metropolitan police commissioner Mr Dyson naming this judge specifically as being involved in corrupt practices and the police refusing to investigate it. We have done the same recently too. You may also want to contact your local MP and contact 10 downing street. You should also write a complaint about this judge to the JCIO.


    3. Mark, he may be a homosexual, agreed, but said homosexual leanings have clearly made him have an absolute detest of women. As a male myself, and a journalist the comments he has made in public (and private) about single women and mothers are nothing short of sickening. Oliver clearly has a hatred of women, possibly due to his sexuality and/or due to the fact that something sinister happened in his childhood. Look at the cases against women in the past – he has an agenda. FACT!!!!


    4. Give him a break?? Your joking, he loves hurting people, and has abused his power, he was involved in fucking me about by the masons, and let me know it


  1. I had this judge in my hearing at the Upper Tribunal. He dismissed the appeal because he received a box too from the respondent. I complained but the Upper Tribunal President covered it up. I now have no options left.


  2. Judges behaving badly? You want names? You don’t need NAMES! There isn’t an honest one among them. The are the Godfathers of Legal/Judicial Mafia, protection racketeers a million times worse than Al Capone.
    There are several pubs in England with the name ‘THE HONEST LAWYER’.
    the signs outside all show a lawyer with either his head cut off or his tongue cut out.
    Hitler said, “I won’t be satisfied until every German sees it as a disgrace to be a lawyer.”
    So, Adolf wasn’t wrong on EVERYTHING!

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    1. What about her ? I personally think she is a good lady and she can see through all the rubbish that is sometimes put in front of her from the people that call themselves social workers and the only interests they have is to provide children taken from loving families to feed their own adoption companies income there should be more like her . That’s my view


      1. Justice Pauffley is just as bad as Simon Oliver (in my opinion) there’s plenty of cases to look at to understand why i say this,


  3. This Judge Simon Oliver sentenced me to prison for 6 years at Isleworth Crown Court in London for a crime i did not commit. The prosecutor was gay and him and this judge had a thing going on in the hearing. Im sure they were involved in a relationship of some nature. Thank you for publishing this, this man is very crude.


  4. His Honour Judge Simon Oliver abuse of an extremely vulnerable adult: Leonard Lawrence SL03D00938
    The non disclosure by HHJ Simon Oliver of Court of Protection Medical Certificates CP3’s in 2012/3/4/5/6
    HHJ Simon Oliver writes at point 27 on his Judgement dated 30 August 2012
    “H says that his counsel, at the hearing on 18th August 2005, says that the Official Solicitor did not agree the sale of the fmh at £622,000. However there is no evidence of this”.
    A recent search by HMCTS of HHJ Simon Oliver files at Reading County Court, found the evidence to be with HHJ Simon Oliver. It had been there since 2011 and not disclosed to the Court of Appeal and the Court of Protection by HHJ Simon Oliver in 2012 and 2013.
    “Particularly concerning”. was the failure Det Ch Supt Tim De Meyer, Head of Professional Standards, and Det Insp Gavin Tyrell, Head of Economic Crime Unit, Thames Valley Police to investigate. Another Police Force have now identified offences of fraud and other more serious offence including perjury.

    Who ever sent me HHJ Simon Oliver’s emails a big thank you.

    Leonard Lawrence
    October 2016
    Anyone with information on Simon Oliver please contact me or post on this site.

    Following a phone call from HHJ Simon Oliver to my barrister, Dorian Day St Phillips Chambers Birmingham, my Mr Day withdrew from my case, even when Mrs Justice Pauffley had directed HHJ Simon Oliver to send my case to the Court of Appeal. and HHJ Phillip Waller directed the case be sent to the Court of Protection .

    I had a enlighten call from a former barrister from Tooks Chambers who has encountered HHJ Simon Oliver.


    1. Thank you very much for this. Yes I know Simon Oliver very well. He is a serious bribe artist. His salary is in the region of £70-110k a year but his company brings in £4 million a year, I doubt all this is clean money. I have personally and physically caught this man taking bribes and his superior Justice William Charles whom is the President of the Upper Tribunal refused to investigate it and said the tape recordings of the hearing are no longer available. This is not only perjury and fraud but serious organised crime!


      1. What is the name of Oliver’s company, please? In what year did you have dealings with Freddy Cutts? Do you or anyone here have any documents that have Cutts name on them please? Is he also a magistrate?


      2. What type of clerk is he because the Justices Clerk is a lady?

        Sindlesham is the Berkshire Freemasons. Are you sure it is the name of a company used for Foster care?


      3. ok thanks. What was he doing at the time, and which court was he in? Was he behind the counter? Do you remember the exact date and time? I have reasons for asking.


      4. What type of clerk is he, because the Justices Clerk is a lady?

        Sindlesham is the Berkshire Freemasons. Are you sure it is the name of a company used for Foster care?


    2. What was the reply from his encounter with oliver? Can you also add the crime reference number of your police report to this blog so it can all be matched up to the criminal it relates to. Thank you


  5. Simon Oliver was responsible for my 2 children being put into foster care. I later realised the company that was fostering them was owned by Judge oliver. I was not happy to say the least. I’m sure this is not a coincidence and this judge stole my kids off me and started making money from it. Unfortunately, most judges are doing this. I’m sure his activities are illegal but I can’t do anything about it. Death be to judge Simon Oliver. It will be nice to see him die a painful death, possibly from terminal cancer!


    1. What is the name of the company that you are referring to please? Is it Core Assets? Can you please give us any details that you might have? There is a racket going on with ELDERLY people too. Councils put them into nursing homes and sell their houses to pay for it. Many MPs have financial interests in these nursing homes. The rest of the money goes on lawyers, courts, council expenses. If you can supply the name of Oliver’s company, it would be great because something CAN be done about it. Any further details about your case also. Thanks.


      1. The first one is the Freemasons. The others look like his alumni friends. Someone on here said he owns a foster care company What type of clerk is he because the Justices Clerk is a lady?

        Sindlesham is the Berkshire Freemasons. Are you sure it is the name of a company used for Foster care?


      2. You may be right but you don’t KNOW that. It would need an investigation by HMRC. Has one been requested and are police still investigating Oliver or has it been kicked into the long grass? Ian Dyson is with City of London Police. Why would they have been investigating this and not Thames Valley or the National Crime Agency? Is the file still open?


  6. Yes social workers are the same most have their own adoption companies check out companies house when challenged they change name of company . Judge Oliver took my granddaughter and placed her with a family that are well know drug dealers even on sex offenders register have been convicted for it all and served long prison sentences but him and social services think she is safe there what a joke they all need stringing up


    1. Thats what bribe artists do. Simon Oliver should be investigated by the police and senior government officials under the 2001 Special Measures Act and Misconduct in a public office but all these criminals are putting their bank accounts first and getting away with it. They never admit they take bribes but its obvious they do, we have caught this man physically in court doing it. Hanging should be the punishment for those involved in such activities as these judges are working against the public and for themselves


    2. Can you give any more details re social workers and their companies, please? Without that, it would be pretty hard to check out Companies House. We need names to check for. It will be very helpful if you can give some of the names please. It is important.


  7. Dear All,
    this upcoming court case on Thursday 3rd Nov
    in Chester County Court , Chester, Cheshire UK
    is rather special.
    It has the ability to expose
    that the entirety of the authorities in Chester
    are ALL are evidenced
    by court documents,
    multicopy emails,
    media files ,
    official reports ….
    to have covered up , child rape,
    child sexual abuses,
    child batterings,
    child emotional abuses at torture levels,
    coercive control,
    false imprisonment,
    false arrests,
    malfeasance in public office,
    perverting the course of justice,
    abuse of process …and on and on ..
    These evil people are so arrogant
    and psychopathic
    that they have left trails
    of hard evidence
    heavily connecting all of this up.
    They have fully isolated and gagged my children,
    even forced to be home schooled
    in order to gag them.
    Placed with a paedophile
    who sexually approached and interfered with my daughter.
    Placed with a mother
    who the children were battered by and lived in fear of.
    Cheshire police simply refuse to investigate –
    because they and their freemason cronies are complicit.
    Now, another half wit judge (Pearce)
    is publicly witnessed and evidenced
    as pushing the evidence away
    saying it does not exit.
    He is publicly witnessed ,evidenced, recorded
    saying a penis forced into a child’s mouth
    is neither rape or a sexualised event ,
    and then saying to me and the public
    that ” it was only MY opinion ,
    ………..that evidence by police and professionals
    ………..stating a penis was forced into a child’s mouth
    ………..and genitalia to genitalia forced contact on the child
    ………..was neither rape, a sexualised event, or had been covered up”
    This vile sub hu man labled Pearce has obviously not read cps files on rape
    and he is willing to insanely state these things in public .
    No court in the land has jurisdiction to make insanity valid.
    He is publicly evidenced
    saying he can order people to see red books as yellow.
    This is the level of corruption they have gone to
    in order to cover up their corruption.
    …and historically they get away with it.
    The judiciary says this imbicile is above the law in his court.
    The judiciary says this man’s vile corruption
    MUST be fully open and accountable to the public ……
    we need you the public
    to witness this and report it ….widely ….
    ands is your legal civic duty.
    If you can attend,
    I have evidence for anyone to witness who wants it,
    if you cannot attend,
    I would appreciate your help to get THE TRUTH out everywhere
    in bringing these evil people to public account ,
    and remedy a huge contribution to the industrial scale institutional child abuse.


    1. Some of the links on your website are broken. I think the videos are still there though, but I could not hear them. It might be my computer re the video sound, so I will check, but the other links do not work.


      1. Hi, the website got trashed because police forced me to edit the site to remove some bits. They had stolen all of my computers, so editing this huge site using notepad from a computer in the local library was a nightmare.


  8. I had Simon Oliver for my Upper Tribunal hearing and 3 months prior to the hearing taking place in a case management hearing, he asked me that he wants a gift of at least £6000 and that if I don’t have the money to pay him that I should carry out housing benefit fraud to generate the funds. I was incredibly surprised. He also asked me that he was very interested in stocks and bonds if I can give him some too.


    1. Hi Sue, Yep its true. Apparently only the judges and lawyers are suppose to understand it because its their criminal racket system. This is why we need human rights. HHJ Simon Oliver openly took a bribe in open public court room on June 24th 2014 to dismiss the appeals. In fact he asked for the bribes.


  9. Well well well, looks like Judge Simon Olivers past is now finally catching up with him. This man has been ruining peoples lives and families and living the lifestyle from the bribes. This man is a true criminal. Only problem is that his superiors are the same and so is every judge in the land. We all have his address listed above, he hides it behind the trees, we should all go over there and take his belongings to refund our losses because he takes bribes. He has even asked NHS hospitals for holidays on beaches in return for fabricating judicial judgements so now hes stealing from other government funded bodies too at the risk of healthcare to patients. Please add all police reports and crime reference number in the comments so all police reports can be linked to this man nationally. And also widely distribute the site to everyone else as well, the campaign has had 200 shares on facebook so far. The more the better. All links are above to share this page.

    Thank you


  10. I was the barrister at a court hearing representing my client, a vulnerable adult. Judge oliver was the judge presiding the case. Judge oliver did a internet search on my clients address and stated that she has to give him 5% of the total value of her house to him as a gift. My client whom was renting the house did not get any sympathy or remorse from judge oliver who did not rule it in my clients favour. The matter is now going to europe under ECHR. This judge openly takes bribes and my client held me responsible for her losing money in legal fees. I was reported to the SRA for fraud when it was judge oliver who is the fraud. A corrupt judge to say the least. And yes all his judge friends and his superiors are involved in the same activities


    1. I came across this case can you assist it is only early ,there may be a chance to restore Family
      and have JUDGE Oliver dealt with , he created a case against vulnerable mother after she proven innocent from criminal he just made a mess with Names and dates etc. ,
      perfect for the crook to put Child into care of the Authority
      due to a crazy judgement

      unfit mother ,calling her daughter Princess , had an old Facebook account and child speaks with assent
      when the family is foreign , is this for real
      the link is http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/return-an-animal-under-police-property-act/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=button

      yes the animal was also removed all this is since 7 month ..


  11. Judge Oliver came to my doctors surgery on the 15th August 2016. He reported in to reception openly stating he was there’ as part of the gift system’. I was somewhat amazed. I called my line manager over to ask her what he was going on about and she said that all i have to book him in as its the doctors orders. I was somewhat concerned he was openly stating he was there as part of a ‘gift system’ when judges have all along stated they never takes bribes. Dodgy man and a dodgy industry all these people are involved in.


    1. wow now that is interesting ,

      I had a hearing around that time and he pulled some medical records out with similar name ,wrong dates and dob ,anything to damage someone’s reputations ,

      the records were of someone loosing or abort many children , when I only got 2 ,

      again a female judge who I recognized from previous criminal court in Westminster sat next to him whispered something and he had his hands over the micro ,all I heard is …..something something …comes with the gifts ,see how it goes ,

      he then looked over to my Young Barrister and somehow it looked like he flirted , he said to him we can leave it here less there is more to come ..perhaps ..looking amuse around …anyone.it was certainty a strange court hearing likewise to a circus , he is amused , and chuckled and everyone joined in ,

      Then he said to my Barrister can I see you in my chamber ,follow Hearing he did not turned up , and he held all fake names , dates against me even calling my child Princess is a wrong doing to him all his bizarre evidence be unfit in order to place child into care , I wish this crook be prosecuted soonest


      1. Government computer systems can be shared. For example, doctors sometimes put false information about someone, deliberately. In one case that I know of, a surgeon botched an operation and the victim complained. So he entered (or had another doctor enter) false information, stating that the patient was mad or mentally ill. So, in this particular case, it seems that the Metropolitan Police had access to this information. Perhaps it is shared with police. Everywhere this man went, police were always stopping him in his vehicle FOR NO VALID REASON, and talking to him as if he were a psychiatric case. Nothing he did would defend him from anyone as they had falsely labelled him as a nutter. We know they are labeling parents as mentally incapacitated, in order to take their children. I was told that the ADOPTION INDUSTRY in the UK is worth about 2 billion pounds. The UK is the only country in Europe that can take people’s children FOR PERMANENT ADOPTION without the parents’ consent.


  12. I need help on a judge called Justice Paufffley J, She sits in High court, and i have heard negative things about her from many many, people, back in 2015 there was a few people protesting outside the high court about a case she was doing a Satanic Cult Case which everybody believes she was covering up and looking out for these so called Pedophile and Baby Killers. Now, there’s nothing i can do regarding this because my lawyers fought hard to get my case appealed and, unfortunately she is the Judge who will be in task of making any findings and welfare decisions, i don’t have any hopes, but my Lawyer who’s just turned a QC, 6 months ago, tells me he will do his very best, but i know that if you leave it in the JUDGES hands it never goes your way, the Local Authority, have gone so far to even add more things they’re planning to seek against me, – why are family courts so corrupt?,

    if anybody has any news regarding this judge please let me know because everybody in the High court building told me very negative things about her


  13. Can somebody explain this whole corruption and bribe thing? Like at the end of the day. These judges have to go by the law and in their judgement they will come to their conclusion based on the law alone?,

    So how does this whole “gift” business happen in the court? I want to know whether these judges who write 100 page long judgement make crap up for just a gift?

    Lets just say, their was true allegations of sexual abuse, but the respondent party lawyer gave a gift to the judge and then for that, the judge gave back a judgement in his favour?

    Please answer my question back and hopefully if this is what is happening im truly in to STOP THIS INJUSTICE


    1. Hi Frankie, yes it is true. The same system was in operation in the Stephen Lawrence case and it took the family 21 years to get justice. This probably doesnt happen where big companies or governments are involved, its more to do with everyday members of the public. A judge is not going to take a bribe if he heard a court case where the parties were bodies or organisations, he will only do it when a party is either unrepresented or when no one is looking. Judges like these ‘gifts’ but they dont always ask for it. The box is usually left in the court room in the eye of the judge. So lets says someone was accused of genuine child abuse and that party hired a ‘high priced lawyer’. His lawyer will say to him (some lawyers) that he is entitled to give a judge a ‘gift’. The ‘gift’ is placed in a box and left in the courtroom. The higher the value of this ‘gift’, the better and more favourable the judgement. Although very few judges take these ‘gifts’ and still come to the correct decision but in that way the party that bribed the judge will make sure (through their lawyers) never to give this judge a ‘gift’ again so the judge doesnt really make much money. A judge will lie in all their judgements. have you wondered why many people complain all the time about it as they obviously do not agree with it but most of these people are poor and have no money and cannot fight it as the case just goes to another judge whose also doing the same. When it comes to interpreting the law, yes you are correct but judges dont have to interpret the law, they just twist it and make any excuse not to accept your appeals. The court of appeal dismisses 99% of appeals unless it comes from a lawyer they are friends with. Therefore we need European courts whom rule in 80% of cases for us, the public!! This is why judges and governments do not like human rights laws and are doing anything to get rid of it as the government is ultimately paying out compensations to the public for false charges being placed on them. Lets look at it like this, if you took someone to court, have you got confidence you will win even though you are 100% right? no you dont because the judge will not do anything for you unless they do not get a ‘gift’. These judges and lawyers love placing false charges on members of the public because then they come to court and have to finance legal funding to defend themselves and even after that many appeal channels exist. The government has even got rid of legal aid because judges and lawyers were using it for their own criminal racket system making billions by falsely accusing members of the public of all sorts. A paedophile could technically get let off if the judge liked their ‘gift’. Have you wondered why they are so many appeal courts, because they dont trust each other. Judges have always taken bribes, we have physically seen Judge Simon Oliver do it but his superiors covered it up so thats why this webpage has been created to inform the public of this criminal acts. just read the comments above about this one judges activities and need i say more.


      1. Ok let me get this straight,
        If this is true, how is this Judge even still employed as a Judge?

        Please can you tell me if you think Justice pauffley is a fair judge?

        Can Local authority, pay the judge to have the judgement in their favor too?

        In particular, Maidenhead Berkshire, my children were taken away as she made welfare decisions that they stay in long term care.

        I know justice pauffley is a senior judge been sitting at high court since 03′ but she could not decline a gift regardless of if she gets 100k a year or more.

        Please get back to me


      2. Unfortunately it is true that high court judges also take gifts. I know senior high court judges take them and send people to prison for it without any accountability to anyone. Local authorities also give judges ‘gifts’ but only if they know they will lose and they will be named and shamed. All judges are taking ‘gifts’, they are not even ‘gifts’ but bribes just under a different header. Its a complete fraud system. The reason these judges are employed is because all of them are doing it and to prove something like that you need to prove it to the criminal standard and keep in mind no cameras in the court room and they place hands of microphones too.


      3. The buden of proof is much lower in civil matters, even if that’s true doesn’t mean a Judge should find “A” responsible for sexually abusing “B” when there’s only video evidence and the complaints story alone. Any judge shouldn’t go far beyond the standard of proof in civil matters and say, im 100% certain that “A” abused “B” based on the whole evidence E.G video evidence. I truly believe only a criminal court should deal with those matters because their standard of proof is much higher.

        How some high court judges come to their conclusion based on video evidence as in ABE police interview alone without no live evidence from a witness is beyond my mind.

        I respect criminal judges more than family judges.


      4. You are right, a criminal court is a better place but only because there is a jury to answer to. Its the jury that should be respected, not the judge. The judge still messes around everywhere. And most importantly family judges sit in criminal courts too and behave completely differently, thats because they know how the civil system works and that is that its riddled with a bribery system called ‘gifts’. A jury case complies with article 6 of the ECHR which is a right to a fair trial especially when it involves prison.


      5. In my experience in criminal law, my friend was being tried for sexaully assault. But long story short CPS didn’t build up their case to the point where the judge ends up telling the jury to acquit.

        Now tell me where in a civil matter has a Judge ever gone beyond his/her powers to protect a inocent man’s name?
        Only when or if he’s rich does that happen. And when there’s good lawyers involved like QC”s

        I just think the family courts are only there to give local authorities what they want.

        Unless you can explain to me what a family court is for i will always believe its there for only 1 purpose no wonder why its not open to the public yet tax payers pay for those courts to run.!


  14. Speakers:David Wolfe, Douglas Silas, Principal, His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, Judge Meleri Tudur, Judge Jane McConnell, Julie MoktadireLocation:Copthorne Tara Hotel, Kensington, LONDON , W8 5SR (GPS W8 5SY)Date: 07 March 2017 09:00 – 07 March 2017 17:00

    Let’s go and expose him for real guys 2017!


      1. Listen, i don’t know about you, but myself and my family, have only ever, had cases heard by Simon Oliver,
        and then Pauffley J, – and both judges in their judgement did not give any reason for their conclusions, i believe both the judges i mention are in my opinion the worst judges in the UK, because they don’t give a detailed reasoning in their judgement. they only say, “i have come to my conclusion” not saying, how, or what law they used to come to that conclusion, i don’t know who else could possibly be as worse as these two judges i have mentioned.


  15. So, their Judgements arent based on the law, but it’s based on their personal opinion.// i was acquitted in the criminal courts, but the family courts in the high court// and the judge Pauffley J, didn’t even look at the critical evidence// – My lawyers told me that i cant appeal the senior judges judgement, even if i have grounds of appeal. because she’s a top judge, you cannot appeal the court of appeals decsion either so that’s just so upsetting.// i believe in JUSTICE.but in this court of law. NO if you have money then you can definetly buy justice. but for the poor, no.


    1. That is true. Judges know people will foot money to clear their name and if they don’t, the judge will make it worse. Its a criminal racket system. The criminal courts are trialled by jury whom are reasonable but the judge is the one messing around with the lawyers. You can appeal to the ECHR under article 6 which is a right to a fair trial. The european courts do not take bribes like the british judges do and are very pro human rights!


      1. I cannot appeal my case. due to it being over the 30 day limit, plus, my lawyers told me it would not be successful appeal. // i now live my life, knowing this judgement will never go away. due to the fact i cant appeal it. there’s people who die in prison and years later they get justice. and there’s the family courts where there is no justice.


      2. i cant appeal. i have gone beyond the 30 day limit. my lawyers told me i had no grounds to appeal, and that i would not be succesful in court of appeal. since she’s a senior judge and court of appeal judges are good friends with her as well, i did try to get other advice but i was very depressed and had to stay in hospital.


  16. Judge Oliver had my children put into long term foster care. He says he was willing to reconsider his position if I re mortgaged my house and gave him the share of the loan. I was not pleased but I neither had the money or my own home to re mortgage. I ended up giving my children up as I couldn’t make judge oliver ‘happy’. I know loads of people in the bershire area that have had dealings with this man. He has even received death threats once


  17. This man was asked me whether I can use my limited company to transfer £2 million pounds to him via an international bank transfer in return for a favourable judgment. I said NO WAY and requested a different judge. Avoid this money launderer at all costs. Question that comes to mind is where did he get £2 million from? Probably those gifts


      1. Do you think all Judges take Bribes?,

        Lets exclude the judges sitting in the criminal courts.
        Since let’s be honest the jury get to decide the fate of the defendant. The judge of course then has to give a sentence, which of course needs to be in the guidelines.

        Unfortunately we’re talking about family court judges- Civil judges.

        If you do say, Yes then how can i prove Mr Oliver, didn’t screw me over during my hearing and took a bribe?

        I always believe once a bribe always a bribe.

        Hope to hear from you.


      2. Hi
        Yes criminal judges do it too but they are more restricted in their judgement as the jury makes the verdict and yes the sentence is up to the judge which can be appealed. But all civil judges are taking bribes, its up to them whether they act on it but if they don’t, they might not get more bribes in the future as lawyers will advise their clients against it. Bear in mind, civil judges also work as criminal judges just as oliver does. It’s difficult to prove oliver to took a bribe but the judgement will show whether he did. For example, if he fills it with lies and fabrications, its common sense to say he took a bribe. Either that or hes incompetent which I doubt he is considering he knows how to put his hand on the microphone regularly. The stephen lawrence judges took bribes too and acquit the murderers but that was before jury cases were allowed. Thank you for European Laws!!


      3. Hello,

        Thank you for your reply.

        So you’re saying All judges take bribes, even the High Court CIVIL judges, and the Court of Appeal judges?
        if this is true, then it would make sense how they dismiss so many appeals. i don’t understand these judges who do this, haven’t been caught and prosecuted. I personally, want some changes to happen in the Civil Law Procedure, for instance, a higher degree of standards of proof, it’s not fair that only in criminal matters, that they only get the highest degree of standard of proof beyond reasonable doubt.

        If a man is being accused of Sexually Abusing His Daughter, and The Judge uses that Standard of Proof.
        I honestly would have to say, that definitely, isn’t Fair, nor is it Right.

        What do you Think of the Criminal And Civil Cases Standard of Proof? do you think it’s fair to base allegations on probabilities or beyond a reasonable doubt. i’d pick the criminal way of proof. because for instance, any allegation of Physical abuse can be believed based on probabilities, whereas, in any criminal matter, the jury would acquit based on allegations and no proof.of course it’s very different when it’s a Sexual Offence. but i believe that the conduct and the procedure in this type of case in a criminal court is dealt with very fair. for instance you can question your witnesses. in criminal matters. in civil matters, you cannot question a child who makes sexual allegations, therefore your right to even question the only reliable witness is taken away from you in these cases. if your case is a serious case such as sexual abuse then you never will get a fair chance in the civil cases. since it’s got to be probable, to have happened to make such findings alone, not i find you guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Guys, you will have a fighting chance in a criminal case, whereas, in the civil matter, you’re screwed. My lawyer never told me that judges take bribes. so even your own lawyers aren’t trustworthy.


      4. Hi
        The civil standard and criminal standard are not that different as much as judges say it is. If there is evidence someone is guilty, you will be guilty on the civil and criminal standard. Proof is proof. Although civil judges are more involved in bribery then anything else. And yes high court judges, criminal and civil as well as court of appeal judges also take bribes. If they are not taking bribes, they will not do anything for you if you don’t give them their bribe or ‘gift’ as they call it.


      5. That’s actually really worrying. How even the High Court Judges, Top Paid are taking bribes.
        you mentioned, that the lawyers who do the dirty work, so how does that work? Like is it something similar to how sometimes, Prosecutors will tell lawyers they have so and so and offer a plea deal? and then in the Civil Courts, someone from the Judges Team either gets in contact and tells the Lawyers, I want so and so, for the Judgement in your Favor. This is very disturbing to realize.


      6. No, you have got it all wrong. In criminal courts, theres too many people around to leave boxes or create deals in. In the civil courts, the party that knows they will lose a case under normal circumstances or the party that wants a big judicial judgement, they will leave a box lying around in the court room during the hearing, usually on the morning. The box is called ‘a gift’ and contains mainly money but also includes depending on the party giving it, holidays, cruises, stocks, bonds, sexual favours etc. The judge picks the box up when everyones gone home for the day or his court clerk will pass it on to them later. I referred to as ‘The gift system’. The judgement received is then completely in the favour of the party who gave the gift. Sad but true. We have caught judge oliver do this with our own eyes.


      7. No one gets in touch with the parties, it all happens during the hearing. Remember, judges don’t ask for gifts but expect them. This is why when you never give the judge a gift, he will make your case worse out of spite. If you appeal or complain, it just goes to another judge usually the friend of the judge who messed it up in the first place. European court judges do not take bribes though.


      8. If you don’t mind explaining, the following.
        1) how does the judge know which party gave the bribe
        2) what price would be enough to make a judge agree to the parties, wishes?
        3) what happens when the judge refuses the gift?.
        4) the part where you mention sexual favors, do you mean the lawyer is offering to the judge or the respondent?,

        Also, thanks to your website, i am trying to get my case back into the court of appeal. and get my findings dismissed. i feel that it’s very unlikely after you have mentioned that, judges take bribes, but i truly have great trust in this website to bring me justice.

        look forward to hearing back.


      9. Answers to your questions are as follows:
        1) The judge does not know which party gives the gift. Its up to the party to offer it. The judge normally never asks for it unless he knows the lawyer whose representing the client.
        2) £8,000 is the minimum they would accept. Anything lower they would take the money but give the normal judgement. The more money, the more favourable the judgement. Although some clients also want to safeguard the money they give as they cannot trust the judge so they give variations of gifts such as £5,000 in cash and a holiday. If the judge goes on holiday, he can technically get into trouble if he doesn’t give the correct judgement.
        3) There have been cases where the judge has refused a gift. These are called ‘working judges’. They are working in normal jobs like everyone else. Although 95% do accept them. The lawyer for the party usually always informs the judge prior something like ‘a gift from our client’. If the judge accepts, its put away somewhere in the court room. In the High court, its usually the bookshelf in corner of the court room.
        4) Sexual favours could be the lawyer or the client. High priced lawyers would be more then happy to. Although there have been cases where prostitutes are used and even children (unconfirmed).
        Good luck in your appeal.


      10. Appreciate your reply,

        OK, £8,000 is the minimum, Now, that makes my life seem meaningless, I mean, the Local Authority Has a lot of money, as you already know. so that’s no big issue for them. I just hate the fact my lawyers who were not as experienced as the QC which the LA had didn’t at the very least tell me about this ‘GIFT SYSTEM’ my children are worth more than £8,000.

        Unfortunately, i cannot afford to appeal since it’s going to cost me around £20,000. which i don’t have.
        Any suggestions? i mean, it’s now been almost 2 years since the Judgement was Given.

        Any Idea what i can do? i need guidance, solicitors aren’t giving me any good advice. lawyers are charging me £1000 for a hour conference. which i don’t have. i just need the truth. if theres nothing else i can do to get these findings overturned then i will give up,


      11. Try an appeal to ECHR under article 6 which is a right to a fair trial and give your reasons but correct reasons. You cannot just make up that the LA gave the judge a gift when it can simply be the judge messed your case up because he expected you to give him one. Thats how the legal industry works. They place false charges on you and they expect you to foot the bill to clear your name. Many people are and have gone through this. Another way is create a blog making allegations against the judge in question and see if other victims comment on you site. That way, you can reopen your appeal if a clear pattern of corrupt practices exist. Remember why legal aid was removed for vast majority of cases except criminal ones, its because the government does not want to waste its money on these criminal network


    1. Did you managed to get a new judge ?
      as I thought I was in luck when he was accordantly in hospital only our investigation shown that the new Judge who we suppose to have never got the application ,neither was he at the hearing as surprise surprise
      Mr Oliver was there ,
      and we witness some action an old haggard a untidy drug looking woman ,a social worker from Reading stood in for West Berkshire walked straight into the courtroom before hearing with mothers evidence , which was ;of course twisted by Mr Oliver ,,Caff Cass there have no voice and just follow the leader ,it is sad to see Oliver misusing his position for greed ,

      feeding on vulnerable and using the Reading Social workers who have a very bad reputation for drugs
      all we heard on recordings was public funding’s and can all speeded up
      verdict mother is fantasist , child does not wish to come home take it of me , as you will not hear it of the child how bizarre ,does he really think that work ,putting restriction in and threatened with 6 years in prison if speak to anyone in the world about this well ,here it is to read for everyone ,


  18. lets get this rolling ,..

    I copied my respond to the COMPLAIN I MADE perhaps you all can assist and send in the same reference number with your complain ,

    Our ref: 25855/2016

    12 December 2016
    Dear xxxxxx

    Your complaint about Judge Simon Oliver
    I write further to your email dated 18 November. I note that you wish to complain
    about the conduct of a tribunal judge.
    The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) supports the Lord Chancellor and
    Lord Chief Justice in their joint responsibility for judicial conduct and discipline by
    handling complaints about judicial office-holders both inside and outside of the
    Complaints against tribunal judges must be made to the relevant Tribunal President
    in the first instance. Your complaint will only be considered by the Lord Chancellor
    and Lord Chief Justice in the event that disciplinary action is recommended by the
    President. I have, therefore, referred your complaint to Mr Justice Charles, President
    of the Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber) at 5th floor, 7 Rolls
    Buildings, Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1NL E: adminappeals@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk T:
    020 7071 5662.
    You can find further information about the tribunals’ complaints process at
    Please send any future correspondence directly to the Tribunal.
    If you require anything further, please contact me.
    Yours sincerely,
    Simon Parsons
    Judicial Conduct Investigations Office


  19. I know only if we all writing to the Simon Parsons he will be forced to act and will alarm someone else in charge as to many come to cover ,

    Also I called 02072301212 Met Police
    there listen then prefer you to your local well that is the problem ,
    as he is well in charge of the local Authority with his fabricated false accusations ,

    someone has to break this vicious circle


  20. Actually yes you are right , I spoken to Mr Charles ,he acted dumb, saying rudely what to you want me to do ,there is a Oliver retired ,one in Nottingham and one in Berkshire and no Oliver works here
    and what you asking me nothing on data’s or system when I got back to Parson he said sit still await result ,


  21. Thank you al for your support. You are doing very well. Keep posting and passing it around. This man has been ruining many lives and getting away with it. Lets show him he is not going to be covered up or protected by his friends upstairs. We the people have the power and we are the people who pay these judges through our taxes. If they want ‘gifts’, become a high class escort.


    1. Hey, i wanted to know something regarding your reply to my earlier message.

      Will the lawyers tell their clients about this gift-bribe, or will he only ask people who aren’t on legal aid, and the people who pay directly from their own pockets?

      Its like the Local authority,
      Who have a ton of money so they probably ask the lawyers themselves right?

      I told the social workers, that my future is worh more thab 8k and showed them this website.
      They said Mr Oliver is the best judge in reading. I don’t know whether you’re from reading yourself, but for these social workers saying this. Its not a coincidence right?

      He gives them what they want and they love mr oliver very much she had a lot to say about him in my meeting with the council, its very dizarre the fact she calls him “the best judge”

      I hope to hear from you soon


      1. They say hes the best judge because he gives them what they want. The social worker and mr oliver have a criminal racket going on where both parties are making money by placing more children in to care and then getting their own companies to look after those children. These are companies that are being paid for by the council.

        In regards to these bribes called ‘gifts’, all situations and judges are different but the party that wants to give the judge a gift will be entitled to. The lawyers usually advise their clients and yes these are privately funded lawyers that do this but legal aid lawyers may do the same too if they wanted to.


    2. Hey,
      I dont know whether you got my last message or not, i will post it again.

      I wanted to know whether, Lawyers who are on legal-aid, tell their clients about thr “Gift-System”

      Or do Only lawyers of let’s say Direct Clients who pay by their pocket, who are rich individuals, get that talk with their lawyers about this “Gift-System”

      Well i can definitely, tell you my barrister didn’t mention this Gift-system to me.

      I know Local authorities, already know about this “Gift-System” & they know that in exchange for £8,000 they can have my children, and also, a judgement in their favor.

      The local authority, seem to love Mr Oliver very much, they say, hes the best judge in the reading area. No wonder they love him so much, when he gives them so many favors, in exchange for a few thousand pound.

      Very disappointed in this Law-System.


  22. I was on the sick, during my hearing, my solicitor, probably told my lawyers this.

    My Lawyers told me the Judge was a fair judge. Which lead me to believe the hearing would go my way.

    Unfortunately, it didn’t, now, i know everyone says when someone loses a case they will blame the judge. Well if the evidence is clear that im inocent, then of course i will blame the judge.

    I’m going to report both the judge and my lawyers who advised me very badly.

    Its true when they say justice can be brought. But if you’re poor it cannot.

    Look forward to hearing from you


      1. Yes, Lawyers are always Liars in my View. My Lawyer Pretty Much just told me “Leave it to me, I will do everything i can to get you, the best outcome'” and when in the end he said “I don’t know what will happen only the Judge Knows”- I feel that the Justice System is so corrupt in this day and age, I feel that money is so important now that even the people who we are suppose to trust to judge fairly will, end up taking away our rights,

        Do you think a Jury Trial is Fair Or a Trial By Judge?, IMO, i’d say Jury, wbu?


      2. Yes the jury is the best for a fair trial. It complied with european human rights. If it up to the judge, all the poor people will be locked up and all the criminals including the judges would be operating their judicial mafia extorting money from everyone. Lawyers never want to get in the bad books of the judges because that judge will make sure that lawyer loses all cases in future. Its one of the most ridiculous corrupt industries. Why go to university to be a lawyer, just college cereal box tokens for a free degree in return.


  23. I don’t know why, Civil (Family) cases are heard by a Judge alone?,

    Whereas a criminal cases the jury decide the fate and the judge can either dismiss applications or dismiss the case in its whole.

    What would you say a Fair Trial is?,

    I mean by all means, i woud love, if the family courts had jury who decided a persons fate.

    Why do you think this isn’t happening?

    As in why cant jury hear family civil matters involving children and in some cases allegations of physical and sexaul abuse?

    I hope to hear from you soon.


      1. This all makes sense, The Judge didn’t listen to my lawyers at all. rejected all my applications, and she listened to the Local Authority, Lawyers, and accepted their case. i know these Judges are only on the side of the people who can give me something in return.

        Lawyers and Judges are friends, Some Judges, worked in same Firms as some Lawyers, so it makes sense,
        i don’t understand why some judges are taking sides and rejecting evidence.



  24. Do you know why its so expensive to appeal to high court? Its £20,000.

    Like i don’t understand why its so expensive in my case we had new fresh evidence months later but was told that appealing would cost £20,000.

    If you know why please help me understand.


      1. Lawyers and Judges care about money, and that’s all. end of the day, they aren’t your friend or family. some lawyers will challenge themselves and try winning cases for their names to get bigger and the bigger the name the bigger the cases, but as far as i’m concerned, Judges in Family Matters. Thanks to this website, aren’t going to win unless, the Judges get a bribe, and other than that, it’s pretty much a closed case for the other parties.

        I hope this website doesn’t close, i hope this website builds up and exposes more than just this Bribe-Artist.
        I really hope you’re having a good Christmas, Or if you don’t celebrate it then, Hope you have a wonderful New Year.


    1. This is why she is doing it because she likes these judges to behave like this. We are sure the brexit was rigged as theresa may is making a big deal to leave but saying she is doing it for the public. Since when do judges, MP’s and anyone in a public position do anything for the public. If they did, why don’t they start by sorting out their judicial system rather then infringing our human rights by taking I away. Is theresa may saying we are not human now?


      1. This world is corrupt.
        Theres so much going on in the world which everybody isn’t really aware of due to the media.

        Judges are always being appointed and geuss who appoints them? Yours truly the queen. I dont believe in justice, not in this world.

        Everything is riggged
        Sad thing is we pay these people to live their lavish lifes. Whilst we suffer.



      2. Its not just theresa may that is the problem, if you go to other countries, there people clearly and openly say there judges and politicians take bribes. its the western world that are brainwashed more then anything. when someone in britain does not get a correct judicial judgement, rather then immediately think its bribery involved (which it most probably is), they start figuring out what happened. its simple, it real life bribery going on in front of the public. if the public got together andall started saying it, it will most probably stop but everyone is on a different planet that they do not want to understand. judges and lawyers love it when the public do not use the ‘bribery’ word because that means they can keep on doing it. as soon as you accuse them of bribery, they get all funny. if you use the words they use which is ‘gifts’, they know they are in trouble because they cannot let that get out. so if anyone is concerned about a judicial judgement and its filled with lies and fabrications, quote ‘the gift system’ and you will understand. we have to thank judge simon oliver to help us expose this system, if it wasn’t for him, we would still have a problem understanding it.


      1. All Judges are taking bribes.
        I mean, it happens everywhere, in sports. In the courts, and the world is a corrupt place.


  25. Judge oliver once asked me in the middle of the court room that he will rule it in my favour if I can give him 4 cheques of £25000 each in return for cash money. I was somewhat concerned at his remark. Either he was trying to stitch me up with false charges or he was trying to use me to launder his money. Complaining about him would be pointless as it will not go anywhere.


  26. I remember a case where a famous person was accused of satanic cult and baby killing, and it was dealt by Justice Pauffley in the High court, there wasn’t no crown court case at all, i have the judgement saved on my computer, and at the end of the day, He defiantly gave her a GIFT to for this judgement. the case will forever be one of the cases which will forever leave me very concerned about the way the judge dealt with the case and the poor children involved and it for sure is a case which will of course show how much the judge favored the ‘MAN’ who was a famous actor, it’s sad to see. but if you want to look at the judgement then feel free and search for it.

    Re P and Q (Children: Care Proceedings: Fact Finding) on google.

    and let me know what you think about it.



      1. Good thing is she will be mandated to retire in 2020. which is 4 years from now, personally, i think she’s one of, if not the worst judge sitting in the High court Family Division, and of course, Simon Oliver on the other hand has so many appeals against his name coming to the court of appeal, which is what makes him the worst in berkshire alone./ name and shame any more judges if you like. 🙂


  27. I don’t understand.
    My case with HHJ oliver was very simple. The allegations were retracted from the children of physical abuse, but the findings he made were that my children were physically abused by me.

    Now tell me that’s injustice.
    When there’s a retraction made it should be taken seriously right?

    In criminal law it will end up being a no case to answer. But this corrupt judge still made findings against me when the children made a retraction.
    I feel its because im a pakistani muslim and hes being very stereotypical by making those findings since all muslims beat their kids.
    Corrupt judge. I live in reading myself for 30 years now.


  28. I had Oliver and he ruined my child’s life. I’ve never seen anything which is such obviously a farce, unjust and morally reprehensible in my life. There is no justice in this Country, Judges decide on the outcome before you enter the Courtroom according to their own personal bias. Rule of law has no place in a Courtroom. Judgements are written before given with the collaboration of the lawyer and the entire case whether it be an initial Hearing or appeal depends on the friendship and previous interactions of the Judge and lawyer. They aren’t called advocates for nothing…the lawyers work for the Judge, not you and they all want to sit where the Judge is so they will curry favour to advance themselves. Sod you and your case, you are no use to their advancing careers. The Judges were once lawyers lets not forget. The local authority are bound to publish a certain proportion of their expenses quarterly and the amount of money they pay to the local Court for applications is astronomical, paying for their applications to be granted more like, not to mention other party lawyers undertaking ‘misc’ legal services payments for them at the same time as the proceedings they were in…….There is evidence my matter was pre planned, instigated by Oliver, also that social workers falsified and fabricated evidence which I have recorded by email as one worker, ‘deleting’ case file records. Everything from that point on was an exercise in amusement and money by the legal faction. They seem to enjoy inflicting the cruellest of endeavours and outcomes. I also have evidence that my judgement was flawed from emails from the Court. My child was stolen and given to a person who is a drug dealer and abuser. My child has suffered greatly and continues to deteriorate. The local authority are now on special measures having been branded inadequate by OFSTED: lets hope that gets rid of them all one way or another and the last time in Court, Oliver appeared to have a supervisory element to his Courtroom as in another person sat behind him. The local police have seemed more interested this time in not only holding the LA to account yet also criticising Oliver and his directives which may be a smokescreen however is welcome none the less.

    On a side note, McFarlane has been cited as covering for Lady Justice King (her of the bribery investigation when she was a barrister). He doesn’t grant any appeals for Oliver either and goes against his own and Munby’s rulings when he does hear you. http://www.divorceandthecity.co.uk/dyslexia-and-justices-who-cover-up-their-disability-when-not-declaring-it-on-their-judicial-appointment-form/


  29. The comment has been posted twice so please remove one. The other person in Court was around Feb last year. Following Oliver being sent to Oxford for a few months.


  30. Is is this working? Has anyone achieved justice or is there any change for anyone? Peace is not a state that comes to mind having been subjected to dealings with the Court and this Judge.


    1. If he is convicted of anything do you think there is any chance of his cases being looked at again regarding his judgements on children that have been taken and given to drug dealers on sgo that have served long sentences for supplying class a drugs and on sex offenders register maybe they have him a gift


  31. is it worse to been acquitted in criminal court, and then have ‘findings of fact’ made against you in Family Court?
    This one’s been bothering me for some time, since, i feel the acquittal meant everything to me, then there’s the Family Court Findings still sitting there, i don’t know what to think, i feel that 12 people acquitted me is far better than one piece of shit judge who made findings against me.


    1. He didn’t make a finding of fact, he fabricated that finding. Its simple, when a judge does not give proper reasons for his judgment, its very likely he’s been taking bribes. If he hasn’t taken a bribe, he accepts you to give him one in return for clearing his name. He’s even been asking for cheques from other people in return for cash money to clean all that criminal money he’s been making.


      1. Ok he didn’t give me any reason for the findings he made against me.

        Now aren’t you suppose to give detailed reasoning or can judge refuse to explain his reason for the conclusions hes made?

        In my case he read a few documents and then he said i believe so and so did happen. I don’t need to explain why because im satisfied its true.

        ;/ justice system is fucked up!

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      2. No hes not suppose to be saying that. A judge has to give clear and detailed judgments and decisions. So clear in fact that there would be no need to appeal all the time. He has been regularly making false findings of fact. He does this because hes taking bribes to ruin your reputation whilst he gets called ‘his honour’. There is no honour in this man. How can you call someone honour when they not honourable.


  32. I never called him “your honour”
    I only referred to him as “sir”

    Yes, the judgement was very quick, overall it was only a few pages to read.

    I didn’t have a experienced lawyer too. In fact, it was 2 solicitors against a very experienced barrister QC.

    You cannot be successful in court if you’re on legal aid. And your solicitor is going against a QC.

    I don’t care what people say “you cant afford a QC” its not like the local authority paid their QC out of their own pocket.

    My judgement wasn’t fair because a Judge says i believe the abuse occurred.

    Surely you need Physical Evidence? Their were no hospital records where my children suffered any physical injury.

    Now i don’t know what your definition of physical abuse is but, if there’s hospital records which show nothing. Nor is their school records showing nothing,
    Then based on the prinability test which is implied in family courts i should have had no findings, in other words the jury would have acquitted me.

    It’s like a person was alleged of sexaul abuse of a 5 year old girl, she was checked and her hymen wasnt harmed nor was their physical injury to the anus. But the child being 5, surely their would have been signs, so if tje probabilities test wad implied in this scenario the alleged perpetrator would have been found inocent of any wrong-doing.

    This system is rigged.


    1. Its rigged because a bribery system is in place called ‘The gift system’. Basically 1 QC doesn’t mean anything. The truth is the truth but how can a QC convince a judge the allegations are true? The truth is he. Doesn’t, he just gives the judge a box with money inside it and a letter asking what he wants in the judgment and thats what they get. Are you trying to say a judge cannot understand a member of the public correctly unless he speak in legal jargon. Thats nonsense. He chooses not to understand it but rather listen his friend, the QC whose also giving him ‘gifts’


      1. How long has the gift system been around for?

        If this Judge takes bribes then i cannot allow myself to just sit and be quite. I am willing to go ask a solicitor or lawyer to help me get my case overturned because of the fact Judge oliver takes bribes and his judgement is unsafe.

        What do you think are my chances of being successful?
        Or are solicitor and lawyers going to say that what im saying is “nonsense”

        Or in other words could i myself get into trouble for saying this?



      2. Well lawyers and judges are involved in it. Its a way to make money. No lawyer will say a judge takes bribes because all judges are taking bribes. The gift system has been operating for decades. It was how the stephen lawrence murderers got off the first time and how ryan giggs got a super injunction and the list goes on and on. The judge is the mafia boss and lawyers and all legal professionals cater to this judicial mafia boss. So basically what I am saying is that if you went to a lawyer, they will take your money, waste your time and never even mention the bribery because if they do, oliver will make sure that lawyer starts losing all their cases and will become unappealing to clients


      3. If i paid a lawyer and showed him this website and he told me it was a total nonsense then of course i will straight away pay the lawyers and leave end of story.

        This website is enough to get any judgement made by Judge oliver re-evaluated and overturned.

        Please tell me that this website has been looked at by police and that judge oliver is being investigated?


      4. Hello Tariq. Im not sure how many looked at it but just to let you know all judges are taking bribes, not just oliver. It goes on into the superior courts using the same system of gifts. The police do not want to investigate these judges because they rely upon them as well. If you hired a lawyer, they will not have the balls to challenge a judge because I said before the judge is the mafia boss and lawyers technically work for him. Your best bet is to go to the police if your case was deliberately mishandled by police. I you read the comments on this site, plenty of people are commenting on oliver taking bribes, so much as they state hes asking people to transfer millions of pounds in to international bank accounts.


      5. I don’t know if this has been asked before but is Oliver still a Judge in Reading County court?
        Or is he still working in London crown court?

        If so, let’s all go and protest and get this corrupt judge locked up.

        Police can’t stop us.
        Freedom of speach.


      6. He works at both. He now works at oxford as well. His main base is reading county court but he works at london upper tribunal, isleworth crown court, oxford crown court and many other courts in the surrounding areas. Yes we should all protest or you can also create your own website against him about your experiences. The more information about oliver, the better the chances of him being unsuccessful doing the same to others. Open up a website and post the link here and the same goes for everyone else as well.


      7. Ok, if lawyers wont do nothing nor police, then what’s can we do?

        Cannot allow this injustice to carry on forever.

        Surely enough is enough?


      8. I hope nobody has to go through this system, its rigged and its not fair, i have not been around long enough to know when this corruption in the legal system started but we can be sure its been going on for a very long time. Now i have although been around long to notice so many injustice being done in the legal system. Its sad to think there’s inocent people who are doing life for smoking weed. Whereas there’s rapists scrolling our streets openly, our justice system is there for a reason of course, but it is also being used and abused, inocent families who cannot understand the system ate being played with, its sad and upsetting that, money can get you literally anything.

        Never leave your life in the hands of corrupt judges, i understand people get arrested for silly reasons, but the best advice i can give anyone is,

        Keep your circle small, and stay out of trouble, & if you’re poor and get involved in family proceedings, then you’re screwed.


      9. Yes big business adoption probably why most social workers have their own private adoption companies and when challenged they shut them down and start again under different name they are all corrupt


      10. Social workers….are scum.

        They invent lies into children’s minds.

        And no nothing but lie.

        I don’t know why anyone would want to be a social worker i dont know how they sleep at night.


  33. CAFCASS officers aka social workers have vested interests in Core Assets (Fostering and Adoption) for contact observation sessions with the aim of placing your child in long term care or for adoption. CAFCASS are jointly funded with CORAM whom are the 3rd largest national adoption agency (conflict of interest anyone?) and CAFCASS CEO is the ex chair for the British Association of Adoption and Fostering! CORAM state that CAFCASS and they recommend adoption in cases where the parents cannot agree on residence or contact……….the further down the rabbit hole you go……………Oliver is a Care Judge and sits in the South Eastern Circuit which includes London and Oxford. I’ve been told by the admin staff that Judges are lazy at Oxford and by the JCIO that workload was responsible for the flawed and unlawful judgement we received and we shouldn’t complain about the Judge, basically. Keep appealing. Appeal the fact finding, keep banging on the legal avenues.Get the press involved, it sways the opinion of the Court and the Judges are more cautious. Take any action which can be reported on or put in the public domain. That’s what they fear, exposure because then their secret is out and someone somewhere will take notice.The more that speak out, the better. Briscoe (recorder) was jailed for lying to police so it can be done although I think that was more a political move. Silence is deafening and stronger than even one voice. 3 Judges were sacked from the High Court recently for using their computers inappropriately so someone somewhere is objecting to Judges misuse of office. It has to be made known to someone who can do something about it. Keep shouting it from the rooftops. Even the High Court Judiciary may become disenchanted if the lower Court Judges continue. Lobby Munby, your MP. We need numbers and a determination to continue to try to expose this.


    1. Workload is not the reason for flawed judgments and false findings of fact, its the gift system in place. Jusges are taking bribes using a system referred to as the gift system. The falsely accused will have to appeal which mean lawyers once again come together, which mean more money, more legal aid and more gifts to the judge. So its simple to say that YES JUDGES TAKE BRIBES AND THAT INCLUDES OLIVER


      1. My children have been in care for 5 years nearly (long term)

        Social workers have lied on multiple occasions regarding their safety and how they are.

        My eldest came home (ran home) and told me everything.
        Hes 14 he said he hates it their and he only gets a hour of freedom and he told me they brainwashed him with lies about how bad we were.

        Reason i gave up with going back and forth with court proceedings is they got get me anywhere they bring up lies and use social workers as “expert witnesses”

        If anything the criminal system treated me fairly and dropped my case of ‘Child cruelty” which even today i respect some of the people who decide to Charge or drop the case they think propearly not ruin lifes.

        People won’t understand my family doesn’t either. I had number of people’s assessment to take my chuldren such as family members and all didn’t fit the requirements and wasn’t allowed to take my children.

        So finally,
        I don’t have money or time anymore to try and fight for my kids future because the courts are corrupt abd judges only listen to social workers.

        My children will know the truth and (at least) my 14 year old will when he turns 18 he will be welcomed back home these people wont support him after he turns 18.

        What do kids who turn 18 get after they leave care?


        As far as the “Findings” made against me, they wont mean nothing to me, they are lies.

        So anybody who’s children are in longterm care, keep strong.
        And wait because your kids will return back home at 18.

        They receive your letters and gifts, they will get your details and i promise you they will contact to meet you as soon as they turn 18.

        I haven’t had no contact for 5 years other than the time my child ran home.

        All in All, sometimes if you’re rich enough you can definitely get justice.( family courts)


      2. Totally agree in her report the cafcass working said that she had spoken to me on several occasions about proceedings. Joker all she EVER said to me was hello she couldn’t even look me in the eye . I was unable to say anything because I was refused to be made party to proceedings by Oliver even though I had passed assessment after having an independent one done not by local authority


  34. Judge robins of milton keynes family court will happily break the law … its time to make family courts .. public
    Have fact based evidence, no more hearsay … They all in it for profit …


  35. Past few weeks i have tried getting this website heard & so many people have told me this website is Bullshit.

    I felt like i didn’t know what else to do. Even the police told me it was nonsense

    It’s made me think how some higher up people deal with matters which go against people who they “Like”

    Sp i wanted to know what response i could give back?


    1. Quote ‘The gift system’. No one really likes to admit bribery goes on in britain. The police and the higher up’s are the worst ones covering these issues up. When was the last time the police helped a real victim of crime unless they were rich or famous or maybe the media reported it. Its response like the ones they have told you is why judges do actually take bribes because no one will believe it. The reason is they have brainwashed everyone into thinking its not true. Lets look at how many comments have been written on this website, these are many different people putting their experiences forward. They can’t all be wrong or lying. So overall, if anyone tries to say this website is talking rubbish, refer to the comments section and what the public is saying.


      1. Seems like a great thing.
        I suppose most of the people have read the entire page and comments and yet still chose to disbelieve in it.

        You cannot always win.

        Most of the people who i have contacted are police and a few lawyers.

        And the laayers much like police claimed it was rubbish..

        You cannot win even if you tell them to look at the comment section they won’t believe in this.

        So if police and lawyers call it rubbish who can you go to?

        I believe in everybody story on this page.

        Its ridiculous how hard it is to get things heard.


      2. Lawyers and police rely on judges like oliver to help them get what they want. Mainly for lawyers, its money and big win cases and the police to win big cases and the officers getting promoted to the top jobs. The strongest people to go to is the media and the public. These lawyer and judge criminals fear the public getting together and taking action against them so they pretend it doesn’t happen. Imagine a police officer taking criminal action against a judge, that police officer will lose all cases in court and will no longer be employable. Listen to the public, they tell the truth. Judges, lawyers and police officers all lie. History has told us. How come these judicial judgements do not make sense!


      3. That’s what they want people to roll over and accept it . Great if I had the money to buy my grandchildren back .It is barbaric what goes on and the children that suffer the most when they are supposed to be protecting them . NEVER again will I allow my self to have any dealings with social workers and family courts i feel that they are all corrupt I can’t understand how they can sleep at night . Disgusting.


      4. The police or lawyers will say media is lying too?

        Yes i understand how a lawyer or police will fear speaking up for everybody because they will lose their jobs and everything.

        Police won’t get involved either way i have tried telling them.

        People should all speak up.

        Some families are told like myself to move on and get on with your life? Is that really the best thing to be told?

        I can imagine them going through the same process and seeing them use the same crap advice.


      5. Yes!

        Once a bribe always a bribe.

        I agree we can spread the message and hope to get heard.

        Get this corrupt judge exposed.


      6. They do believe it, they just don’t want you to believe it otherwise they don’t make any money. Whats the best way to extort money out of the public? Blackmail them by holding their children hostage under false charges. Any parent would do anything for their children including finding money to get them back but what if they have nothing to give the judge? Well, your in trouble then. Lets make it clear, there are no gifts in the court system but bribes!


      7. Its even more sad to know that the lawyers don’t mention the bribe system and that you’re going to get screwed until the judgement is been given.

        So pretty much anybody on legal aid isn’t getting any fair judgement.

        Only people on direct access probably get justice?

        Either way, its ridiculously unfair when there’s serious allegations involved and nobody seeks to question the children/ then at the end its all about who has the better story/submission.

        Whoever is the strongest on the submissions in the end ultimately wins.

        Doesn’t matter about the truth whoever has a better story wins.
        Of course whoever has money too wins.

        Family proceedings are pretty much all about submissions and whoever has the best story.

        Some lawyers can make you feel very guilty when in fact you’re inocent.

        This is a game to judges and they have clearly came into the profession knowing how to play.

        It’s crazy how some lawyers feel £177k isn’t enough to be a judge
        Whe of course they knw they can rake up more on bribes.


  36. Had oliver at my hearing as well. He puts his hand on the microphone and asks for gifts. When I never gave him one,he started doing hand signals as hes not interested and ruled in the opponents favour because he received a box from them. He said to me later that him and his partner will be going to select a new car in the next two weeks and the car will be a mercedes.A crooked judge to say the least.Police refused to investigate because he has them in their back pocket.Well done for publishing this,now someone has to take action.My Cris reference number was CR12650.Spread the word.


      1. How do Bribes Happen in the Criminal Justice System?…
        I understand how they happen in a secret Family Court Proceedings, but what i don’t understand is how it happens during a Criminal Proceedings where the courts aren’t in SECRET. and where the JURY are the deciders.
        of course a judge can if the person (A) is found guilty, sentence him to a higher sentence, but (A) can go appeal that and get it reduced to a lower sentence, so it’s very confusing how bribes happen in a criminal court.


      2. Bribes do not take place in criminal courts. The vast majority of criminal courts are fair. Its the civil court system that is riddled with bribery. You are right about the criminal courts and sentencing but to sentence someone to a higher sentence can happen but the person that I bribing the judge must want that person in prison pretty bad like a business partner etc. I is also very risky to bribe judges in criminal courts because many people are around so its unlikely it happens. Its the civil court like the tribunals, family, county etc that do bribery on a wide scale


      1. Hey, quick question.

        How does the Gift System work when it comes to Local authorities?

        What i am trying to ask is, who is giving the “Bribe” to the judge? Like Social workers? Or whom?

        I have already told social workers they paid to get the judgement and yet they tell me what im saying is “Rubbish”


  37. I have by chance come across your website. I TOO HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF A COMPLETE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE BY JUDGE SIMON OLIVER in Reading County Court. He passed judgement against me in my Hearing v ex-husband and non-payment of my Consent Order WITHOUT EVER READING THE EVIDENCE SUPPLIED. I feel sure he was working with my ex-husband’s Barrister, and/or is completely incompetent.

    NOTE: I had previously taken my case to Slough District Court, where a totally competent, professional Judge ruled in my favour, but did not have the power to pass judgement. I had a transcript of this Hearing I took onwards to Judge Oliver.
    Judge Oliver was so unprepared, he decided he needed a second day (whole day), but had ‘forgotten’ this by the time both parties & barristers attended for the full day Hearing. He had by then allocated other Cases, and we only had a few hours … so he then allocated a third day. The total of these 3 Hearings cost me thousands of pounds in addition.
    At the beginning of this second Hearing, he took my Barrister to one side and advised he didn’t realise … but he was writing an update of his book with my ex-husband’s Barrister !!!! He said it would have no bearing at all on my Hearing, but I had 20 mins to decide whether to proceed. I decided to do so, feeling that British Law could be trusted to be fair, impartial and totally trustworthy.

    How wrong I was!
    After 5 months, I received my Judgement and there were so many FACTUAL errors, my Barrister complained to the Court. Judge Oliver corrected some of the inaccuracies, but refused to correct them all – even though ALL could be substantiated by evidence including letters supplied by the Trustee in Bankruptcy (against my ex).

    I took my complaint against Judge Oliver to the Judicial Council Investigations Office (JCIO) who are, it transpires, powerless. They themselves were so disorganised and didn’t read my Case thoroughly, I went to their Ombudsman, who simply decided my Case ‘did not amount to misconduct’.

    Last year I took the matter to my local MP and have just had a letter back from Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP, saying she has looked at my concerns, but that ‘matters relating to judicial competence are not covered by the statutory framework’. What does that mean? It means, in essence, that a Judge can act in exactly the way he wishes and IS NOT ACCOUNTABLE TO ANYONE.

    I have no faith in our country’s judicial system any longer and would fully support anything that exposes and brings to justice Judge Simon Oliver.


    1. He probably deliberately increased the number of days to the hearing so the other side can get together any bribes or gifts for him. Jusge Oliver has a habit of usually getting one his clerks (freddy cutts from reading county court) to contact the opponent and requesting gifts. Beware of this judge, he does not make mistakes, he does it deliberately because hes using a bribery system called gifts.


    2. You should now report the matter to the police and get a crime report number and put it in the comments of this website. The reason the matter should go to the police is because Judge oliver has committed perjury by lying in his judgment (once again). He has also perverted the course of justice and carried out fraud. Whether he was once again taking gifts like he does in the upper tribunal is yet to be determined but maybe he did.


      1. In my own opinion though.
        It all depends on the matter that’s being brought to court.

        The only matters which are probably more serious than any matter in a Family court is “Sexaul abuse” and of course no matter the outcome it most certainly leads to criminal proceedings if things go wrong in the first instance.

        Other than that if you’re on legal aid you probably will never be asked for a bribe from a Judge since solicitors know your circumstances and your financial situation, and of course when filling out your legal aid form you let them know your savings ect.

        If you’re paying direct. Then you of course can escape.

        Even the people who are inocent and that have nothing against them will get no justice and end up losing their case. Even though it’s not a game but trust me it is a game to judges.


      2. Yes lawyers and judges are involved in a money making racket system. they get together with the public or officials bodies to make false allegations and charges against innocent people, teachers and healthcare workers and then expect them to bring I to court and foot the bill in legal costs as well using the judges lawyer friends who gives the judge a percentage of the earnings.


      3. That’s a silly thing for a judge to ask.

        I, cannot understand why this Judge hasn’t been caught yet even when his ways of getting bribes is very stupid..

        I for all if i had the opportunity would record this and go to the police. Its not even a matter of question. If my solicitor or the judge asked i straight away would go to police.

        Housing benefit- i mean that will not give you £8000 on the stop, i don’t know why jude oliver asks ppl to do this scheme..

        All in all it is unbelievable hes still in reading county court. Even when this website is exposing him to a point where he needs to be dealt with or sacked.


  38. I had Judge Oliver deal with my case at Slough county court. He wanted a closed hearing and all people in the public gallery were asked to leave. Thats when and only when Judge Oliver said openly that we have to all give his ‘gift’. And we have to give it to his clerk called ‘Freddy cuts’ who will pass all gifts to judge Oliver. If this is not a bribe,what is?


    1. This is new… since the judge doesn’t ask for bribes.. he/she receive them by the parties then the judge will either decide with “gift” he likes then go from their.


  39. I had this man, Judge Simon Oliver came to a local bar and club in London and started chatting me and my friend up. Mr Oliver asked me and my friend for a gay threesome at a later date in a nearby hotel which was costing him £700 a night. Me and my friend came and Judge Oliver asked my friend to tie him up to the door and spank and bondage him. He went on to say that he enjoys having his penis pulled in a clockwise motion. After 20 mins of this, it was my turn and judge Oliver asked me to slap him and gag him. After giving him a few slaps, he got aroused. He then asked me to dress up as a vicar and clamp his nipples and he had the vicar outfit in the cupboard. At this point, me and my friend were really creeped out and just made a run for it whilst Mr Oliver was still tied up. A truly strange character. He even told us that he regularly used escort services in the London area. I was amazed to hear he was a family judge because he doesn’t act like a family man.


  40. I think the only reason bad decisions happen in family court is because of the burden of proof being on the balance of probabilities.. its a joke to me because in criminal proceedings its beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I feel if the buden of proof was the same in Family matters bad decision would at the very least be reduced but of course- there should be a jury to sit in Family cases too. Especially in cases involving child sexwul abuse.

    Cannot trust 1 judge word alone.
    Its funny how judges will write up 30 page judgements and still don’t explain how they come to the conclusion.


    1. Actually the balance of probabilities standard of proof is not that much different from the criminal standard. If proof exists, thats proof but in criminal proceedings, procedures have to take place. In civil cases, these procedures can be overlooked but the fact remains proof is proof and a judge cannot just say somethings fact without proof. He only does it when he has been taking bribes in the form of gifts. When you challenge these judges decision, they never want to respond


      1. I disagree with you in regards to the burden of proof being not much different.

        Balance of probabilities
        And beyond a reasonable doubt are two different buden of proof

        I would pick beyond a reasonable doubt anyway of the week.

        There’s s huge differencce.

        Balance of probabilities is basically 0.51% has to be true wheress beyond a reasonable the buden of proof the the highest the jury has to be certain beyond a reasonable that the crime took place. If not acquitt.


  41. please everyone in Berkshire or SURROUNDING AREA of READING who had dodgy dealings with the dodgy judge in the Family Court

    write your complain to THAMES VALLEY POLICE “<richard.johnson@thamesvalley.pnn.police.co.uk"

    He is the Officer in charge for child abuse ,neglect etc. also send him the link of the crooked judge too ,
    he has to do something ,

    same with MP Richard Benyon is for Newbury or your own MP their may ignore one but not if a constant complain from different parties
    so to encourage keep on at it , is for our children who are not safe right now ,suffering under the misconduct of dodgy authorities who stealing our parent hood ,and the child's childhood

    Always remember , we do not have to earn our RIGHTS WE have RIGHTS Human Rights
    which comes with a fair trial , and peaceful environment without interfering within our families ,
    we have a voice also our children have voices and all seem to be suppressed by man made dodgy rules and dodgy authorities who follow script of the one who put false accusation together and adding and adding ,with reward of a handsome public funding using our children ,
    making a slander against your good name and family , as in the Judges favoured word a mockery , yes a mockery to us

    lets get something done about it , speak out ,write out , get it out there ,thought we all were threatened by the Judge , as myself of 6 years in prison if speak to anyone in the world about this , very charming perhaps he should be in that place for each of us 1 year ,how many years for him , ? anyhow TRUTH always will come out eventually


      1. He is head for Thames VALLEY POLICE in READING dealing with child abuse cases and authorities taken children ,…


  42. All i know is that Civil and Criminal are both different.

    I know the burden of proof in civil is the lowest.

    And in criminal is the highest.

    There’s obvious reasons why its higher in criminal law since prison is involved and a person could be sent to prison for many years.

    But in civil law it’s lower it’s only got to sound compelling. As in whoever has the better case submissions and story wins. Its got nothing to do with evidence since as we all should know by know the judges don’t care about evidence especially from Doctors who come in ad experts.
    I’ve seen many cases where doctors evidence has been rejected and where a Judge has came up with his/her own opinion.

    You cannot ever get a fair hearing in civil courts/ family proceedings..its in secret and its decided by 1 judge who doesn’t care about YOU.

    Of course a jury doesn’t care too but a jury will always look at evidence and personal experiences and will come to a conclusion based on evidence alone.

    Local authorities- who bring proceedings to the lower courts/ higher courts have the bigger pockets and the judges will always listen to their experts and believe their stories.

    As far as bribes of course Lawyers get paid more than judges therefore judges wilk most definitely think of a way to make more money and of course the local authority who bring proceedings will always be willing to give a sum of money for q verdict in their favor.

    And the fact-finding cannot ever be overturned- in the court of appeal so therefore families will never be able to get any justice.

    The court of appeal judges will never oveturn a senior judges fact-finding, its very rare.

    Local authorities are always looked after by judges. There’s never been a time where a local authority has lost a case dealing with adoption or any allegations regarding children matters. Even when the “RESPONDENTS” case is very strong a Judge will always side to the LA. ALWAYS.


      1. Although i take your word for it.
        And understand the European courts are fair- i don’t have anytime to go find a lawyer who will fight my case in the European Court-

        I think im way out of time for any appeal or hearing.

        And if the LA were to come along they definitely would find a way to win.

        It’s a different system because it’s all submissions and writing, not much talking- therefore, any lawyer who’s been in the game long enough knows it’s all about who’s pen-game is the strongest and that’s all it takes.

        This is the main reason i respect criminal court better- bring case forward-witnesses testify, ending arguments, – evidence- then jury decide.

        And best thing about everything you have a right to give evidence in criminal courts whereas in family court- you don’t.


      2. Absolutely correct. Although i must say the european courts really do not take any nonsense from anyone regardless if they have high priced lawyers. Lawyers and judges know europe will not rule in their favour unless they can reasonably give reasons for their decisions which vast majority of civil cases don’t do. The law was created to protect the public but these judges and lawyers turned it in to a money making racket


      3. Any cases from UK that went to European Court and got Justice?

        I don’t believe in justice. I feel that family courts are only their to punish children and families.

        Especially children who go into care and don’t understand why and end up having issues when older and end up homeless when older.

        Its tragic its not right nor is it JUSTICE.

        Local authorities and social workers are always believed in the family courts and its sad.


      4. Yes, I agree there’s never any reasoning or evidence in Judgments- judges will go and write 10-20 pages judgement and in the end come to a conclusion favoring the LA.

        I read recently read a case where a Judge went through the entire background of the case-

        Through the Allegations and what the both sides are saying.

        And in the end says “After analysing the entire case i have come to a conclusion that” – the children were indeed abused by the parents,

        I even read up q case where 2 children where saying they were being abused by teachers and police and doctors in school ect it was a satanic cult case.

        The children weren’t believed at all. The case wasn’t investigated nor were the children’s allegations. Even the children had been examined by doctors of sexaul abuse and indeed the doctors said they were sexaully abused.. but the judge didn’t take the Doctors evidence nor did she take any of the relevant evidence.. the children made retraction due to police pressure too.

        In the end of course the judge didn’t find the satanic cult allegations were too.

        Today we know satanic cult do exist and sexaul abuse does too.

        This case troubled me and i didn’t get any sleep for w few nights.


  43. What are facts? Since these hearings are facts findings but most of the time there’s no evidence but ppl words.. words aren’t evidence,


    1. Facts are supposed to be evidence in the form of paper documents which can be verified or eyewitness testimony such as someone has physically seen the act taking place. The difference between the criminal and civil standard is simply based on procedures appropriate weight of 51% in the side of the party the judge rules against. Although in real life, this never happens. The real issue that occurs is boxes filled with money get passed around to shift the 51% in their favour. Although the higher the monetary value the judge receives, the greater the percentage shift occurs.


      1. So, EVIDENCE can count as witness testimony even if the witness is “lying” or a police interview in which a person is “lying” to police as well. Therefore this isn’t sufficient evidence at all. Since the witnesses such as “social workers” and “foster careers” won’t ever give Truthful evidence there always trained to be ready to be questioned by lawyers.

        I know facts in criminal trials are more “REAL” Since CPS won’t bring the case forward unless they can be successful, but the LA will always bring a case which will never succeed since they know how the game works and the evidence isn’t really used greatly in these proceedings?


  44. I think that the standard of proof in Civil cases needs to be changed.
    Its 51/49
    Whereas in criminal court its 99/1

    Fix this corrupt system.


      1. i been doing a lot of research lately and reading cases and most of the family cases seem very one-sided and the local authority always wins. Is there any case where the local authority hadn’t lost?..


  45. I had judge oliver in my hearing and he said his microphone was not working so we should all move it to the side so it doesn’t get in the way. This is when judge oliver asked me whether i have anything for him. i never knew what he was talking about but my ex wifes barrister gave him a padded envelope. judge oliver takes the padded envelope and leaves it behind him on the windowsill in room 3 of reading county court and then casually took the envelope away when he was leaving. He didn’t even listen to my case and was constantly interrupting me and asking me to change questions. I completely lost confidence in him during the hearing and he took my children away from me and gave it to my wife who has a history of drug problems. This crooked judge sold my children out to a drug addict when i was a father of complete good character. I complained to the JCIO and they said it was not their job to investigate judges and sent me around in circles until i got no where. Now judge oliver is doing the same to others. I reported it to reading police station and they laughed at me and said that judges don’t take bribes and that i should go away as they have criminals to catch. If judge oliver is not a criminal, then who is!!


  46. I have looked on this site and read everybody comments, this judge Simon Oliver, if these comments are accurate he’s a very evil person and a bad judge and if he is still making welfare decisions for children i feel this man needs to be stopped before a grave injustice is done.



      1. Why isn’t there anything being done to put a stop to this corruption? I don’t understand how people can allow such a judge like SIMON OLIVER to take their case, even the lawyers too, i’d be really, really worried for my life if he ever was a judge taking my case on. – I also want to say, there’s HUGE differences in Criminal and Civil, the Fact in civil cases YOU can literally be INNOCENT, but based on ‘PROBABILITIES, 51/49 you will most probably be found responsible, and then again, in Criminal there’s a Jury who will most of the time LISTEN and UNDERSTAND and in the END come to the RIGHT conclusion. i find that in CIVIL cases, there are Sexual Abuse cases being heard and i fear having the 51/49 standard of proof is NOT RIGHT. In the end the judges will always agree with the experts on the Local Authority side.


    1. to everyone
      you may love to come and sit in as a friend
      hearing tomorrow 4th of April ,..10 am 4th floor Judge HHJ Oliver in Reading court ,
      come early for details ,on case ..


      1. Just to update , yes the Judge is playing the devil advocate , case is now on the 4th of may , same time
        no appeal can be done he changed the case number according to the hearing 2 weeks ago he had no court order to act on the joker….lol of course he changed the case number ,how convenience so he can still control
        cause if appeal it would be with an different Judge , and it may come to light the corruption of his little clan

        honest this is better then Emerdale or Coronation Street my relative asked for a simple discharge without hearing which is a straight forward when child attained under false accusation as proof is in place
        but the Judge made a hearing between Mother and cafcass only Cafcass not even turning up but put in writing to go against order , thought there never accessed mother ,
        anyhow ,instead the 3 witches from West Berkshire social services turned up ,

        their are absolutely devious as their come , an old haggard white hair witch called June Rodgers ,accordingly a Barrister only this one is a mental case on its own .she shouted that she makes sure no child is returned , ,god knows of which Nursing home or mental institute she was pulled out to perform this act .. honest she looks about 72 years old , old little stumpy one she has no respect to anyone

        as she literacy shouted at my relative very aggressive what you want what what is it what you want wow
        when I saw that I was shocked I thought she is going to beat her up as she then slam the door behind my relative soonest she entered the conference room ,call it interrogation to imbalance mother in court

        yes I witness such bad behaviour of the authority to aggravation before even enter the court room so if you like to support us by all means come along ,top floor Reading Family Court , but keep distant so you can see 1st class manipulation of the Judge Oliver dodgy clan … how to play …


  47. Is anything happening re this Judge? I put my comments re my Hearing on here a few months ago … I haven’t got anywhere with the JCIO (they just don’t want to know – although I notice someone else has tried with them, too, and got the same run-around). My MP says it’s nothing to do with him and to take my case to the High Court … of course, you can’t afford to do that and it completely misses the point that this Judge is corrupt.

    Can whoever started this Blog take it to the national newspapers? I think that’s the only way this whole matter will be exposed.


  48. Is there anything we can all do, together, about this Judge? I put my own Case on here a few months ago & had the same experience with the JCIO as someone else has – they just give you the run-around and don’t want to know.

    There seem to be so many people affected by Judge Oliver, surely something can be done?

    Could whoever started this Blog take it to the national newspapers??? There must be so much evidence we can all provide to expose his corruption.


    1. So long children are in CO we are be told to not talk to anyone as he threaten one with 6 years in prison ,
      Meaning as much as we like we all are scared …


  49. Whatever it is we tried to explore and still on case only it seem like THAMES VALLEY BERKSHIRE AREA SUCH AS READING ,NEWBURY ,MAIDENHEAD ,SLOUGH etc. is a close net full of corruption the Authority are all liars , which goes one hand wash the other ,anything goes ,


  50. Hi i lost my case and my children not long ago, i know i had 0% chance winning a decision against the LA, they had very specialist lawyers and won on a submission basis although they didn’t have nothing against me of any physical abuse or child neglect they had many transcripts of my children saying things against me and this was written by the social workers and foster carers, i believe my children have been brain-washed and abused by the LA and what for? to get them to lie and put them in care…i didn’t face no criminal proceedings, although i did face civil proceedings i have lost and have no trust in this system or country, My Lawyers told me i cannot appeal there’s no grounds for appeal or that the fact findings cannot ever be appealed. now i will have no wait till my children are 18 years old and then i will go look for them since they dont want me seeing my children.


  51. I had this judge for my hearing and he asked my opponents lawyer for an envelope too. He placed the envelope inside his suit jacket and started his drama off where he dismissed my case. During the case he kept waving his hand as he is not interested and kept asking me what do i have for him. After reading this website, i now know what he meant. No wonder he lives in a big house in Berkshire because he cant afford it on his salary


  52. I had to hire lawyers in my case against the Disclosure and Barring Service which was taking place in the Upper Tribunal in 2016. My barrister who was very experienced said to me that Judge Oliver like ‘loans’ and that i should give him one through my legal team. On the day of the hearing, the Disclosure and Barring Service passed a box to Judge Oliver, when my opponents had gone to lunch, my legal team gave Judge Oliver a box which contained £70,000. As a result, my name was cleared but it did not come cheap. So yes Judge Oliver does take bribes.


      1. Wouldn’t you want to report not only the judge, but also the lawyers too? They’re in this too.

        Nobody has named there lawyers or reported their lawyers. If I had a lawyer who told me this I would straight away report it.

        My lawyer Erik Dawn didn’t tell me anything at all so I’m guessing he wasn’t aware os this bribe business?

        Name and shame them all.


      2. All lawyers know this but they do not want to name and shame the business they work in. Imagine a lawyer started making a big deal about bribery in the court system, he would not be employed for much long and even if he was, he will lose all his cases. Its a racket system. Its not lawyers that needs naming and shaming but the judge who is the law and order who is allowing it.


  53. I understand what you are saying.

    My only problem is this,

    If the lawyers know that this is happening they should definitely tell their clients that there’s no prospect to a successful case outcome.

    If they don’t then, in any case the lawyer is hiding away from the truth.

    I believe one day the family courts will have Jury making decisions and not judges


      1. So, lawyers don’t care about their clients? More or less care about money.

        Lawyers don’t tell you about the bribe system because it will not gain them nothing.

        There’s no justice in the family courts then? Why have we allowed these courts to carry on functioning?


  54. I gave judge oliver £17,000 so i can get my severely disabled son back so that he does not get put into foster care with paedophiles and drug dealers. My private funded barrister advised me that judge oliver was a judge who was very cheap to bribe. In fact, he would take a bribe even if the value of it was a few hundred pounds. I should of gone to the police but as i was responsible to bribing, i just wanted to move on with mu life


    1. So you’re telling us that you paid judge oliver £17,000 so you could win back your son? Did you win? & who was your lawyer?


      1. I don’t want to mention who my lawyer was in case this case gets traced back to me and I could get in myself into trouble


  55. Saw fat man Oliver in Reading town yesterday with his wife and a young kid. Greasy paedo, can’t believe he’s still acting as a judge. He obviously has a very forgiving (or weak/stupid) wife, taking into account his dalliances with rent boys.


  56. I had to sign off my parents company to judge oliver for 3 years to win my case and get my kids back. I was informed by my barrister that judge oliver was planning to home my kids with paedophiles unless i comply with giving my parents company to him. Even judge olivers court clerk is involved in the bribes. His name is freddy cutts and he contacts lawyers and clients asking for ‘loans’.


    1. Freddy Cutts is a stooge. He’s Oliver’s clerk, an utter weirdo. My ex mrs knows him, he wasn’t exactly popular at school either. As for Oliver, he’s probably a class-A gay paedo. Everyone says it who I’ve spoken to, so there might be a bit of truth to the rumour, dunno.


  57. yes the hospital ,was a lie a case suppose to go to another judge only he made sure it did not go and what we saw/watching , today instead of West Berkshire social services the Reading one came an old haggard woman she went into the court room before anyone taken my friends evidence so everything was twisted , against my friend
    only this time we taped it ,less he release the child now it will go on air we wait 24 hours and see
    Mr Oliver twist ,…


  58. Scumbag OLIVER presided in contested residence proceedings in 2012 and subsequent hearings through to 2014. Scumbag OLIVER changed residence in 2013 to domestic abuser on the basis of false allegations contained within various statements and various applications he made to court. Court ordered report from Wokingham BC recommended for my children to remain in my care plus they breached Data Protection Act during their involvement. READING COURT appointed court Guardian Dorothy ATAYI appears to.have colluded with the domestic abuser in making false allegations contained within reports and statements to include falsely accusing me of not attending a court hearing when I was actually sat next to this lying trout. My childrens wishes and feelings were never heard throughout even though they were mature enough in age and competent in the eyes of the law to voice their choices in decisions affecting their lives. Initial recommendations by court Guardian ATAYI supported by scumbag OLIVER in 2013 were for approx 7 funded supervised contact sessions sub-contracted out by them to Core Assets who were receiving funds for this service. Two hourly contact sessions were continually being affected by the domestic abuser turning up late to reduce the amount of contact for my children. The final report from contact held at Core Assets in East Reading has never materialised even though ordered by OLIVER. Contact then moved to supported only in Kent but again the domestic abuser manipulated the providers of contact into withdrawing this facility. In 2014 OLIVER made an order for NO contact whatsoever between my children and I or the maternal family including NO indirect contact. Many decisions including this were appealled but refused at the Royal courts of injustice by McFARLANE mainly and another male high court judge in one instance of appeal – I can dig this parasites name out if needed. Bracknell based lawyer and their recommended barrister messed up my appeal contesting.change of residence but this was all designed to waste time and treat me like a cash-cow. A previous lawyer dealing was based in Earley also very well known to scumbag OLIVER – also a money-grabbing parasite who breached data protection and reason he was sacked. Subsquently applications were made to Reading county court for contact between grandparents and grandkids and others significantly involved in my childrens lives but these were point-blankly refused by scumbag OLIVER. The childrens Grandfather passed away without having an opportunity for a final farewell with his grandkids prior to his death even though the domestic abuser milkman COX was informed of the deterioration of the childrens Grandfather via formal letter. Domestic abuser and franchise milkman S.COX (Dartford resident aided by his girlfriend, now wife Melanie) seem to have colluded with scumbag criminal in a robe OLIVER no doubt it woukd seem by “gifting” and Cafcass court appointed social worker Dorothy ATAYI who has since been moved from the Reading branch in Oxford Road Resfing and since believed to be working for Cafcass in Uxbridge. ATAYI has her own social work agency based at her residence in Twickenham. It was discovered at a much later date that an additional court order had been implemented by scumbag OLIVER on the basis of a letter from domestic abuser COX to OLIVER at Reading county court to place a bar upon me making any children act applications for an additional two years (added to the initial two instigated at the point of chanel of residence). No formal notification was received of this and Reading court staff confirmed to me that a hearing did NOT take place which contravenes court rules and regulations and case law – the fat clown court theatrical OLIVER strikes again flouting court rules/laws. Hope Karma does a good job on him and all those who have wronged me and my children using the court process to do these despicable things. In addition the school management and governing bodies involved have breached the education act by excluding me from educational information and supported this abuse of me and my children during the course of many years. Ive reported scumbag OLIVER several times to the judical complaints office. Ive seen/written to Rob WILSON – MP for Reading East who is as much use as a chocolate teapot. A letter to PM Theresa MAY – MP for Maidenhead was totally ignored. Thames Valley Police havent done anything except harass me and other associates in one form or another. I would be interested to hear from anyone else with similar experience(s) – I would like to speak in private about other related matters. I think we do all need to come together collectively to put an end to this barbaric behaviour instigated by OLIVER and others.


      1. Ive been aware that he has used rent boys and had gay relationship(s) for some time. Wouldnt be surprised if it were with that weirdo Clerk at Reading called Cutts. I think the gifting could have quite possibly came from the sale proceeds of the jointly owned property which was sold for a tidy sum from under me literally with sole conduct of the sale being placed in the hands of the domestic abuser COX by another dodgey scumbag District Judge called CARNEY (since retired from Basingstoke county court) and the sale Form TR1 signed by scumbag CARNEY and domestic abuser COX. I discovered at a later date that scumbag CARNEY had a formal complaint and investigation into criminal matters made against him by a family with young children regarding a holiday resort swimming pool changing rooms incident in Cornwall – was featured in their local Newspaper.


      2. Thames valley Police are as crooked as the Judge himself is all one big net ,
        watch out for these signs
        it starts with stalking ,,you will see police everywhere strangely enough around you ,then the innocent is arrested ,for lame reason in order to take children under PPO quickly a interim order is taken out by a Judge who is retired in a closed court when investigate no hearing had been for 5 years , of course Social services take over ,making false accusation up and the game with the dodgy judge begin , try to proceed to get your children back well there have all covered that you will not ,as delays ,and more delays a cranky psychopath gives FALSE MEDICAL Report , social services are busy on social media to find faults and to add to this created case ,
        Solicitors are twisting your wording from your statement and dodgy judge is happier insulting you , discriminate you calling you a liar ,living in fantasy etc.
        then he change case numbers, avoid to transfer the case to any other judges , making deals before hearing starts with social services , then happy to dismiss your application as you are the liar

        meantime the police took your child ,is not there problem may take your animal ,is not with them so the judge ask why you taken them to court there do not have your child or pet ,
        and Reading back office is conveniently loosing your witness statements application forms and court hearings cancelled ,as you had not paid ,you have but not on there system , reason why you have made no contribution to feed the fat frog ,lol

        so beware of Thames Valley Police as when there TAKE your DNA and fingerprints it will be denied in courts ,in order to have you locked up ,as crooked judge will confirm you are the criminal, as precaution be taken beforehand no Id to proof anything as your passport was stolen ,hen by magic it will turn up in prison in the disposal ,when lucky you get it ,as if you be taken by mistaken Id ,fat chance ,

        meantime no one will represent you , to complicated , no funding’s in place ,we do not do that kind of law
        and every investigations you ask for comes back as we passed your complain over to …… unfortunately we do not understand your complain , there is no proof ,

        we have to pull our self together , send all your complains to government investigation ,someone has to listen eventually , so good luck to everyone , take control take your children home now ,..


    1. Would you please advise me of the names and rank of those in Thames Valley Police that have harassed you.
      I am particularly interested to hear from anyone that has encountered Detective Superintendent Gill Wootton and Detective Chief Superintendent Tim De Meyer, now newly appointed Assistant Chief Constable Tim De Meyer, Thames Valley Police.
      A search on 192.com of Simon Oliver, Berkshire, was most revealing !
      There are some in Thames Valley Police and HMCTS Reading that clearly do not like what they they are seeing and reading and are prepared to held us.
      Leonard Lawrence


  59. I was told by my barrister that judge Oliver likes loans and that I need to give him £17,000 in a box to get my children back. When I gave my barrister and solicitor the £17,000 which was given to judge Oliver on the morning of the hearing, judge Oliver took the box and still did not give my children back and rehomed them with pedophiles. My barrister said that it was because I did not give the right amount to him. Therefore I lost £17,000 and my children to legal thieves. I’m sure judge Oliver and my barrister were both involved in a collusion in order to obtain money from me as much as possible.


  60. I gave judge Oliver a gift which was a box through my solicitor which contained bookings and appointments with 3 prepaid rent boys for one week in London. I understand that judge Oliver used all of them very good but it was worth it because I got my kids back. It is somewhat strange and inappropriate behavior of a family judge


  61. I initially lost my case but i asked judge oliver to reconsider the case only when my new lawyer gave him 16k, then and only then judge oliver reverted his decision to what it was supposed to be from the very beginning. I got my son back and he was finally safe. That 16k was me and my wifes life savings and we now have nothing simply because judge oliver is running a business rather then judging fairly.


    1. No…it’s best to report this obese bag of filth to the papers. I heard a year ago that he was being investigated by ‘The Mirror’ from a journo mate of mine, but maybe they got silenced. Dunno. But because of this site and all the comments (many I believe to be genuine based on what I’ve heard about Simon Oliver), maybe it is time we all got together and formulated a plan of attack?


      1. Leonard Lawrence Case SL03D00938 Reading County Court

        1 August 2005 Solicitor James Beck, office of the Official Solicitor:

        Obviously, the sale cannot proceed until we have Court of Protection authority.

        The sale did proceed without Court of Protection authority!

        16 April 2012. His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, Reading County Court.

        THE JUDGE: Well, it actually says so in the Official Solicitor’s guide, does it not?

        MR DAY: It does.

        THE JUDGE: It actually says in there, “We have to refer this to the Court of Protection”.

        MR DAY: Yes

        27 November 2017, His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, has still not made the re-transferring order !

        Five years and seven months !


      2. His Honour Judge Simon Oliver
        It is only a matter of time before all that has been occuring in the Thames Valley Police Area and Reading and Slough County Court comes tumbling down. We have identified three police officers in Thames Valley Police that are of concern: Newly appointed Assistant Chief Constable Tim De Meyer, Detective Superintendent Gill Wootton and Detective Inspector Mark Stevens. The disclosure by the IPCC has been very revealing. It is important to remember that there are still some good policemen and women in the force, like the detective that contacted me off the record to advise how my home was sold avoiding the Court of Protection by solicitors and barristers. Also, the officer that sent me a copy of the entry made by Det Insp Mark Stevens on the police computer.
        His Honour Judge Simon Oliver.
        I have been given sight of a number of judgments HHJ Simon Oliver has made, they are of concern. The judgements support some of the entries made on your website of daughters and sons taken from mother’s and the mother’s threaten with imprisonment if they discuss what has occured to them. It is almost five years now since HHJ Simon Oliver was told by Mrs Justice Pauffley to send my case to the Court of Appeal. It is now 2018 and HHJ Simon Oliver has still to make the retransferrig order.
        There are three solicitors HHJ Simon Oliver appears keen to protect: Sarah Benfield of Clifton Ingram Solicitors sarahbenfield@cliftoningram.co.uk. Next Graeme Fraser of OGR Stock Denton Solicitors and the most dangerous of all Helen Mary CLIFT office of the Official Solicitor.
        His Honour Judge Simon Oliver -Exposed as taking bribes in court.
        Whilst I have no personal experience of this, it is of concern that someone that shares an address with HHJ Simon Oliver has offered to speak to HHJ Simon Oliver to see what he can do for me, I refused the offer and reported the matter to Barry Clark, clerk to Mrs Justice Pauffley and others. What is of concern is that the person that made the offer was of the belief that he may be able to influence the judge.
        In 2013 the former head of xxxx Police Force, Special Branch, and others intervened to safeguard me. This was not due to HHJ Simon Oliver. According to detectives from the Metropolitan Police Alastair Pitbaldo the Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts had requested that the Metropolitan Police make my life difficult. Instead, the detectives invited me for coffee at a location not far from Holborn tube station. Also present was
        a former head of Special Operations SOxx. It was believed that Alastair Pitbaldo the Official Solicitor was trying to protect Helen Mary CLIFT. It was Helen Mary CLIFT that made all clinical and financial decisions on me by not disclosing the Court of Protection Medical Certificates to any court.
        As a pilot I was taught by Capt, Graeme Bridges, Chief Production Test Pilot, British Aerospace, to take complex problems and make them simple: So what occured to me in 2004/5/6 at Slough and Reading County Court.
        My now ex-wife solicitor, Graeme FRASER (when with BP Collins Solicitors, Gerrards Cross) and her barrister Dominic George Thomas BRAZIL, 1 Kings Bench Walk Chambers, were able to have me certified under Part V11 Mental Health Act 1983 without a medical by a private psychiatrist Dr Jeremy Royds, Cygnet Healthcare, Godden Green, Kent, when a NHS locum Consultant Psychiatrist had written that my cognition was grossly intact.
        What HHJ Simon Oliver still needs to inform the Court of Appeal and Jonathan Jones HM Procurator General, Treasury Solicitor and Head of the Government Legal Service, is that prior to joining Government Legal Services and the office of the Official Solicitor Helen Mary CLIFT worked as a solicitor in Reading Berkshire (I am told possibly Blandy and Blandy LLP Solicitors Reading) where Helen Mary CLIFT had briefed my now ex-wife barrister Dominic George Thomas BRAZIL, 1 Kings Bench Chambers, in here Family Law Cases, prior to Helen Mary CLIFT joining the office of the Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts.
        So to summarize my ex-wife barrister Dominic Brazil and solicitor Graeme Fraser are able to have me certified without a medical, then placed under the office of the Official Solicitor where Helen Mary CLIFT took conduct of my affairs. Helen Mary CLIFT instructs barrister Nicholas Allen, 29 Bedford Row Chambers, now Mr Recorder Nicholas Allen, to represent me. The private emails between Dominic Brazil and Nicholas Allen identity that Nicholas Allen simply accepted all that Dominic Brazil requested of him.
        Solicitor Helen Mary CLIFT allowed both barristers to go on a revenue gathering exercise at my expense, and generate substantial fees without the knowledge of the Court of Protection. Helen Mary CLIFT makes all clinical and financial decisions upon me.
        To make sure I am silenced Mr Justice Adrian FULFORD in 2013 puts a gagging order upon me that I cannot inform any judge what occured to me. Short after the Daily Mail publish a article about the now Lord Justice Sir Adrian FULFORD The file Mr Justice Adrian FULFORD held in 2013 containing the Court of Protection CP3’s that were not disclosed to the Court of Protection appeared mysteriously on my living room table whilst I was out on day. Whoever placed the files there had no fear of German Shepherd dogs !!:

        Police? No
        Freemasons? No.
        Special Branch? Possibly.
        Security Services? Possible
        James Rennie (ISBN: 9781856867894) ? I do have a signed book by the author.
        I hope that the above is informative and that Jonathan Jones HM Procurator General, Treasury Solicitor and Head of the Government Legal Service can give the above, and many other cases like mine, consideration.
        Mr Jones we need Serial Numbers and Barcodes that are used on forms used to certify patients. This will
        allow a audit trail to prevent abuse like mine.

        Leonard Lawrence
        26 January 2018.

        Ex Royal Navy, made homeless in 2005 by solicitor Helen Mary CLIFT Government Legal Service


      3. His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, Reading County Court 16 April 2012

        THE JUDGE: Well, it actually says so in the Official Solicitor’s guide, does it not?

        MR DAY: It does

        THE JUDGE: It actually says in there, “We have to refer this to the Court of Protection

        Mr Day: Yes

        Court of Protection



        It was a member of Government Legal Services, solicitor Helen Mary CLIFT, office of the Official Solicitor, that made all the clinical

        and financial decisions on me, not the Court of Protection. HHJ Simon Oliver has still to inform Lord Justice Sir James Munby and

        the Court of Appeal that prior to joining Government Legal Services and the office of the Official Solicitor, Helen Mary CLIFT had

        worked in private practice as a solicitor in Reading, Berkshire. According to my ex-wife barrister, the previously suspended barrister

        Dominic Brazil, 1 Kings Bench Walk Chambers, solicitor Helen Mary CLIFT had briefed him in her family law cases prior to joining

        joining Government Legal Services and the office of the Official Solicitor.










        His Honour Judge Simon Oliver

        30 August 2012 Judgement Point 27

        “H says that his counsel, at the hearing on 18th August 2005, says that the Official Solicitor did not agree the sale of the fmh

        at £622,000. However there is no evidence of this”.

        Barrister Simon Calhaem 29 Bedford Row Chambers

        Ratcliffe Duce & Gammer Solicitors notes, also held electronically by HHJ Simon Oliver on the 17 April 2012

        Barrister Simon Calhaem “wife has accepted an offer and has exchanged contracts without recourse to the Official Solicitor”

        Barrister Simon Calhaem “wife is in breach of the order by not agreeing the sale price,”

        Barrister Nicholas Allen 29 Bedford Row Chambers

        25 August 2010 Nicholas Allen 29 Bedford Row Chambers

        I am unable to provide “evidence that supports my oral statement to DJ Fortgang that the Official Solicitor (Laurence Oades)

        agreed that the house be sold for 622,000.”

        Investigation commented: “We / independent legal team are investigating and Yes the Order for Len Lawrence’s case is void , and should of be resolved long /years ago the Court of Protection should of responded within six month to order refer to rule 47 under criteria of domesti”



        From: Leonard Lawrence

        Judicial Office for England & Wales, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand London WC2A 2LL

        Dear Mr Lawrence

        Our Reference: [104182] 31 March 2016

        His Honour Judge Oliver was nominated to hear Court of Protection cases on 7 October 2015.

        Hearing on the 16 April 2012, Reading County Court, HHJ Simon Oliver held four Court of Protection Certificates



        14 March 2018- Secrecy in family courts could be allowing judges to get away with mistakes,

        Lord Justice Sir James Munby, the most senior family judge in England and Wales has said.

        Please see below, it took James Batley, Court of Protection, only 3 minutes 11:56 11:59 to respond to my request and identify that HHJ Simon Oliver did not hold a Court of Protection authorisation when HHJ Simon Oliver heard my Appeal at Reading County Court on the 16 April 2012.

        The Appeal was financed, at considerable cost, by the Legal Services Commission, Special/Exceptional Cases Unit. HHJ Simon Oliver appears to have incorrectly assumed that because he held a Part Nine authorisation he was also authorised to act as a Court of Protection judge. He was not authorised.

        In March 2016 The Court of Protection legal department made a referral to the Judaical Office for England and Wales, Royal Courts of Justice, London:

        Dear Mr Lawrence

        Our Reference: [104182] 31 March 2016

        His Honour Judge Oliver was nominated to hear Court of Protection cases on 7 October 2015.

        Hearing on the 16 April 2012, Reading County Court, HHJ Simon Oliver held four Court of Protection Certificates

        The fee’s being generated by solicitors and barristers at Reading and Slough County Court is breathtaking. Barrister Dominic BRAZIL, 1 Kings Bench Walk Chambers, had in 2012 sought his personal fee of £8000 against me for a one hour hearing. In 2005 I was forced to pay £10,000 to barrister Dominic Brazil following a Court of Protection application lasting less than 10 minutes. It is now known District Judge Fortgang did not hold a Court of Protection authorisation. The court transcript of this hearing was located following a search of the court premises by a Circuit Judge !

        Regards, Leonard Lawrence



      7. Thank you for the information below on Thames Valley Police Christmass Party. It would be helpful to know the location and who attends.

        Detective Chief Inspector Gavin Tyrrell (now with City of London Police) has been most informative about his former employer Thames Valley Police, where Gavin Tyrrell servered as a Detective Inspector with the Economic Crime Unit. Det. Ch. Insp. Gavin Tyrrell shines a bright light on his former Detective Superintendent (Detective Superintendent Gill Wootton)

        Thames Valley Police Professioal Standards In a failed attempt to neutralise any possible civil or criminal actions against Detective Superintendent Gill Wootton, Detective Inspector Nicholas Watts, Reading CID was assigned to investigate my case.

        Detective Inspector Nicholas Watts was tasked with investigating Detective Superintendent Gill Wootton and others.

        The Police and Crime Commissioner, Thames Valley Police, needs to invite an outside police force to investigate his force, given the recent findings of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and the non recording of crimes such as RAPE.

        Best Wishes Leonard Lawrence



  62. I had this scumbag judge oliver deal with my case too. he has a nasty habit of putting his hand on the microphone and whispering to others in the court room. He kept putting his hand out all the time during the hearing as if he wanted me to give him something. After reading this website, i can see he has a habit of taking bribes and maybe this is what he was asking for and explains why he didnt rule in my favour when i had a water tight case.




  64. Even thames valley police is a crooked police force. When you report to them about judge olivers bribe taking, they ignore you and start lying. Next thing they do is they start making false allegations against you to help their friend oliver. Thames valley police is useless. I hear that judge oliver usually is invited to their christmas parties and regularly plays golf with some of them. Explains why the word justice is long gone especially when the crooked police are helping cover it up.


    1. Stephene Hack

      Head of the Judical Conduct Investigation Office

      In September 2012 The Civil Court of Appeal requested a copy from me of HHJ Simon Oliver’s judgement, dated 30 August 2012.

      The Hearing had taken place on the 16 April 2012 four months earlier !

      Paula, a member of HMCTS staff at Reading County Court had no means of sending HHJ Simon Oliver’s judgement to the Court of

      Appeal by FAX, EMAIL or by POST. Geoff Denham, Manager Civil Court of Appeal phone Reading County Court and within 10 mins

      a copy of HHJ Simon Oliver’s Judgemet was disclosed to Mr Denham.

      Leonard Lawrence



  65. I can ‘t believe that judiciary is working like this in ENGLAND. His Honour judge Simon Oliver -exposed as taking bribes in court is very strange. kindly make a complain about your cases to inbox@jcio.gsi.gov.uk
    who has to investigate this and take this Judge down of his horse


  66. Had judge oliver ask my barrister before the hearing that he wants a porsche 911 turbo as his gift in return for a favoured judgment. I did’nt know what to say and dropped my case before the hearing date as it was impossible for a normal man to afford a porsche for this spoilt child of a judge. He seems to do it too openly as well without a care as he knows he is untouchable by the police and the complaints system.


  67. The reason the governments and our useless Queen do not do anything about these corrupt criminal legal thieves is because the more money these lawyers steal from their clients in this racketeering system, the more tax the government makes from it. So add 20% tax of the billions they steal from us by making false allegations and the government has more money to spend on the military to kill civilians in their agenda in the middle east. That probably explains why no one does anything when you complain about judges and lawyers.


  68. This judge sent my son to prison for 1 year for a crime he didn’t commit with false charges because judge oliver was trying to silence him for speaking out against a detective sergeant robbie in thames valley police CID who was stealing money and drugs from homes of criminals using fake court orders signed by this judge and then selling it to other criminals. When my son returned from prison, he accused judge oliver to be involved in this as well as the companies DS Robbie was using was linked to judge oliver. 2 months later, my son was found murdered and police refused to investigate and no one did anything. Even the media was not interested. I was left no options but i believe this judge along with DS Robbie was involved in the death of my son.


    1. This is disgusting this is a person who is allowed to rip peoples lives apart through what ever means I would like ten minutes with this excuse for a man and I’m sure I’m not the only one . How the hell can we stop this thing from destroying family’s there must be someone who would listen ?


    2. Omg. I am so sorry. We have had dealings with this corrupt judge and know exactly what a vile individual he is. He has sent our daughter miles away to a care home for no good reason. We will expose these vile people not just for our sake but for all those other poor families. My thoughts are with you xx


      1. I make you right why are we all still sitting back letting this happen and let the excuse of a man live his life of luxury ? Something has to be done, and can be done the power of social media is a good start .


  69. Strangely i came across this site today through a link found on snapchat. I had to give judge oliver a gift of 11k and 5k to his clerk at reading family court freddy cutts. The money went and i got denied justice too. The hearings are all rigged by this briberer, murderer and rent boy abuser. Don’t trust it under any terms. The judge listens to the police and vice versa and explains why the police refuse to take action against him as they need him to win big cases so they can show the public via the fake media that Thames valley police are catching criminals when they are not.


  70. The reason he is in hospital all the time is because he keeps getting attacked and beaten up for making the false and fictional judgements he does. Last time i heard he was in berkshire hospital because of stab wounds and a broken back. Lool. Well done to the hero who did this.


  71. This prick has two sons who also work in the legal industry. One is called Ben and the other one is called Edward and they are also known to be bribing judges. Let’s get their children and the grandchildren as well and hold them hostage until we get our children back! No degree of violence is little.


  72. This peice of shit has taken our daughter with no good reason. We are not scared of standing up to this so called democracy. Tvp are corrupt, Oliver is corrupt. WHY ARE WE STANDING BACK AND LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH IT?our daughter is about to turn 15 ,yet 6 months ago this monster removed her. Why not remove her 16 year old sister if we are bad parents? We work 24 7 and because of our NON engagement she was taken up north. 4 x hospital admissions with self harm and suicidal thoughts, our daughter. WE ARE NOT SCARED! This is the tip of the iceberg in regards to our daughter. WE MUST FIGHT!


  73. I too have been a victim of this judge. He asked me in court how many children i had and when i told him i had three, he got the social services to investigate the others too with false allegations added. When i sent my children to live with a family away from berkshire, judge oliver threatened me with prison if i never disclosed where they are. In the end, I was told by freddy cutts in court with social services present that judge oliver needs a loan of £8000 per child which is £24k which made others in the court room laugh. When i said i did not have the money, the social services barrister said to me that i should consider prostitution and generate the funds if my kids are that important. Judge oliver had his hands on the microphone and nodded yes. I had to give my kids up because i was poor and the police refused to investigate too. I even considered suicide. These are my children and i should not be buying it from other people especially a judge presiding the case.


  74. Here to everyone

    go public on your case , do no hesitate any longer
    how sooner and how more how better
    I , already started ,thought a threat of 6 years prison was made ,well lets see

    Should Mr Oliver Twist,his corrupted /gay Court staff , the crooked Newbury and Reading Social Services,Thames Valley Police ,the Small talk backstreet Solicitors in Reading,
    and those nasty manipulating Fosters read this

    Karma works fast , we shall read your downfalls and misfortune ,

    Investigation by many (outside ) different agency are in place,
    proven already results , where
    Police officer’s , and Social services been already removed and detained to prosecution

    our suggestions

    S T A R T releasing all children , back to maternal homes ,… NOW


  75. This fraud of a judge was responsible for my 14 year old daughter being raped by 6 boys at the same time because he put her in to care for no good reason. My daughter was already recovering from a previous rape at the same care home but oliver left her there and refused to listen to us. She now has vaginal tears and trauma that will last her permanently. This piece of shit of a judge then laughs at our story in court as though he is making fun of my daughter’s gang rape. We all know he lives at [redacted]. Lets go round and get his wife gang raped too..


  76. With these corrupt judges, lawyers, and social workers using the state funded care system to deliberately put kids into care and then using their own companies to claim for it by the government, it will come a time when the government will get fed up and stop funding foster care and then that will mean that kids will be left out on the street being raised like they are raised in Eastern Europe and other third world countries. This will involve prostitution and using them in the sex trade. And this is all thanks to the corrupt officials and judges who are abusing the system for their own personal greed. The foster care system and the funding for it by the government is there for a reason and that is to put kids into care whose parents cannot look after them but what these bent lawyers, judges, and social workers are doing is that they are making this into a business by making false allegations against parents so that they can steal their children off of them because they know it’s lucrative for them.


  77. I thought the government and the judiciary are independent and they don’t get involved to allow impartiality. Strangely the Home Secretary is involved in covering up and sending innocent people to prison with the same judicial system we are all complaining about. Its all rigged and they are all involved in it to lie against us, THE PUBLIC!! to ruin our reputation, our lives and steal our children!



  78. Simon oliver now works at the Central London Central Family Court for 3 months because everyone in Reading is out to get him. Lets get him in London instead. The address of the court is First Avenue House, 42-49 High Holborn, London WC1V 6NP.


  79. I had Oliver in my Child case ,he favoured my ex-partner who is alcoholic,his family and himself are drug dealer they were in prison at the time the case was heard. I believe he was given “a gift” Guys you all need to ask for your case to be reviewed because that’s the only way you can challenge the Court decision .
    I have very good Idea I think all of us here if we unite and fix a date and time to go to protest at Minister of Justice office in London to get this corrupt Judge Oliver stop work as a Judge again in the UK and face criminal charge for what he has done to our innocent children .This protest will be broadcast in the news and journalists so that all victims can be aware and come forward. I understand so many victims are not aware about this webpage so to get all of them we need to Protest .
    I am welcoming your comments and I can suggest the date we can fix let’s put on 15 February 2018 ,Afternoon at 2pm if is Ok with you.


      1. I saw a big box under the chair in the Court room, I was wondering whose box was, at that time I did not know about this ” gift 📦 ” for corrupt Judge Oliver. Guys we need to take action to stop this corrupt man destroying more children life by Protest so that our voice can be heard by govt.









      I am welcoming your comments and I can suggest the date we can fix let’s put on 15 February 2018, Afternoon at 2pm if is Ok with you. Thank you for this email. bcc to Stephen Armstrong Clerk to Lord Justice Sir James Munby, President of the Court of Protection 1). Leonard Lawrence has waited five years for HHJ Simon Oliver to make a re-transferring order to the Court of Appeal ! 2). I have also waited over five years for HHJ Simon Oliver to make a re-transferring order to the Court of Protection ! 2018, tt is now known that HHJ Simon Oliver had not held a Court of Protection authorisation when he dealt with my case 3). I have had sent to me, three of HHJ Simon Oliver’s Judgements where the daughters have been removed from their mothers, and the mothers are threatened with imprisonment if they talk to anyone! 4). The IPCC disclosure identifies the senior Thames Valley Police Officers that are failing to protect vulnerable persons. They include Assistant Chief Constable Tim De Meyer and Det Supt Gill Wootton Thank you Leonard Lawrence



    1. Its because they are all doing it thats why. If you complain about it, it goes to another judge who is also doing the same thing. The whole system is not about justice but about making money. The government is aware of the system involving gifts and the main reason why they abolished legal aid for civil cases because the government doesnt want to waste its own money on the system because it doesnt have confidence in it themselves. All these judges are friends with one another and they have some contact with each other from time to time which explains why alot of appeals usually get thrown out a lot even when the judgement looks rediculous.


  80. This prick wanted 12k from me in slough county court. When I refused, he homed my 12 year old daughter with a paedophile and drug dealers. This judge is a scam. All his judicial judgements needs to be reviewed.


  81. Dear all,
    Judge Simon Oliver has contacted the author of this website and has requested that we pull the site down in return for sorting the mentioned case back to the correct decision. Judge Oliver has also stated he is preparing to financially reimburse any losses occurred as a result of him taking bribes on June 24th 2014. We are not sure whether we should accept his offer as so many victims have written on this site wanting help. We would not feel right selling out like this as we were created for you the public. We are also a non profit organisation created to help the public against white collar criminals. Please give your opinions in the comments below.
    Thank you.


    1. No way,how would he fix all the children’s and family’s hearts money could never do that
      He needs to acknowledge what he has done to family’s lives and be brought to justice along with all the fake social workers


    2. Here an option , as he demand to take it down well well
      he had not giving fair trials to any of us may I speak on behalf of all
      the page was created to get Justice , and each victim expressed that we demand Justice
      due to misconduct , etc. this Judge Mr Oliver is misusing his authority and needs to be stopped ,
      he should be sentenced to prison including his conspiracy supporters ,such as the local authorities

      only as we all loving parents emotion speaks louder , our children are at the highest risk every minute we wait any longer psychical and emotional destroyed by strangers
      there are in NEED OF immediately RETURN right now !

      thereby should Mr Oliver , agrees to returned back each child to its original family with a set compensation ,till then the page stays as said ” we demand justice ”

      and only by verifications of each family on here who to verified that the child /children are returned home in good health only then we can show that Justice was served ! and the page can go off line ,
      which can turn in Mr Oliver’s favour also and rectify his reputation should he accept ,… at least this page can show that Justice was served ! by Peoples power !

      So awaiting our children’s return immediately ,kindly everyone state your case numbers , SUCH …
      RG16C00288, RG17C003030, RG17C01210 and DO1RG027


      1. His Honour Judge Simon Oliver
        Leonard Lawrence Case SL03D00938
        Case transferred from Slough County Court to Reading County

        16 April 2012. His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, Reading County Court.
        THE JUDGE: Well, it actually says so in the Official Solicitor’s guide, does it not?
        BARRISTER MR DAY: It does.
        THE JUDGE: It actually says in there, “We have to refer this to the Court of Protection”.

        11 February 2013 15:21 Email HHJ Oliver (disclosed late 2014)
        His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, Reading County Court.
        The papers in Lawrence need to go to Bancroft-Rimmer in the Court of Appeal
        I will need to make an order re transferring it to Court of Appeal

        Martin John Chief Executive and Public Guardian, Office of the Public Guardian
        RE: Court of Protection
        I would like to re-state that no application was ever made to the Court of Protection.
        Clearly it would have been the responsibility of the certificate holder.


      2. Hi Len, heres another one from the upper tribunal in London on the 24th of June 2014:

        Judge Oliver: have you got anything for me? (Whilst placing his hands on the microphone)
        Barrister for the DBS ‘BJ’: Our client has a gift for you from the trust.

        At this point Kevin Brooks from the government legal department approaches the judicial bench with a box wrapped up in a Sainsbury’s carrier bag to which should judge Simon Oliver stops him and ask him with hand gestures to place the box to his left hand side at the end of the judicial bench.

        At 3:23 p.m, at the end of the day’s hearing, Michael Flynn was directed by Judge Simon Oliver to pick up the box and take it away into the back.



      3. Just adding my statement , to Oliver’s bribery
        Yes I can confirm to have seen his gift action as I thought at 1st it may be his birthdays as he was to jolly and the whole team ,social worker ,guardian and opponent solicitors laughed with him , and yes he often mentioned that the microphone did not worked properly ,also what was strange before every hearing a social worker took my evidence into the back to Judge Oliver and appeared with a grin , basic just before entering the court room for hearings ,where all my evidence was twisted to there situation and when honest I was never able to talk all deals seem to be done over my head and yes a plastic bag with a box was at the side near the back room which was moved by the gay looking usher .who strangely enough always came out before hearings to add something on his block in quiet corners , the weirdest is I to proof that I do not lie by pulling bank statements from 2010 out proven my then good income , what has that got to do with being a good parent ,it seem like he and is crooked team are more interesting in monies then anything
        once I was asked by solicitors in Andover industrial estate (firm supported by Oliver ) if I had a car when answered yes a Mercedes ,lol the solicitor smiled and asked any other assesse extra monies no I said and thought something dodgy here so quickly I said by the way the car is old ,immediately her attitude changed to ” I guess we cannot help and most properly you loose the child battle ” I thought that was strange since dealt with it myself where I came across each attempt more lies and Oliver he had fun being entertained with gifts from opponents ,in jolly overplayed attitude he discriminated me for my culture ,language , etc.. never came across of such weird hearing’s , when been told by this Oliver I have no rights to do anything ,may I have every right to a fair trial unfortunately never giving , he violated my rights to family , tempered with all documents , and slander my reputation , still in theory all orders are void and its only matter of time it comes out , less he hasten up to reverse the fabricated orders to safe himself from this case ..


  82. I also had this judge Simon Oliver for my hearing as well only a few months ago. I invited a journalist over into the courtroom to observe if anything happens. Judge Simon Oliver threatened me and my family with prison and also the journalist if anyone of us report anything on social media or in the papers. This was proof enough that something dodgy is going on in his courtroom and he has something to hide.


    1. I had been threaten with 6 years in prison should I speak to anyone in the world about this so you were brave to involve media I tried media no respond as yet but public is needed ,..go ahead how more people speak up how faster we get this Mr Oliver twist into jail


  83. We have been heart broken to the extent our lives has been damaged so much and it’s hard to move on with our normal life, with many years of sleepless thinking of it all the night till morning about our children who have been abused by system because of this corrupt Judge Oliver he wants money to live high class life by damage children life, no way we would like to see the Government ( minister of Justice office ) intervene and take action against this Corrupt Judge to put him in prison for life based on the complaints we have already made at Met Police that is enough evidence , Oliver needs to understand what he has done to those innocent children’s was in human. Children always cry for their mother and parents whom have been separated with without any good reason because This Gay Oliver has received Gift . Children are frustrated,stressed and have already lose hope in their lives by being separated with their mother or both parents and be kept in care of strangers . Really I believe GOd will punish this Judge Oliver , Soon all of us will see what God will do to this Judge Oliver . I will continue to pray and some of the Churches in the UK now are praying for this issue . Guys if you have faith just pray soon you will see the way Jesus will perform his miracles. Nothing is impossible to God . I have special novena to pray I have been given by our priest from St Joseph Church in tilehurst whom I shared my story with . just google “Surrender Novena” this is the strongest prayer ever .


  84. Minister of Justice address for those who wants to attend please 102 Petty France, London, Sw1H 9AJ on 15 February 18 from 2 pm please come and join us our voice need to be heard regarding our children


    1. My case is already since4 month in the hand with the ministry of justice only no respond
      I applied to the Reading court and I had a respond from back office Chris Horton Extension 0500 that Judge Oliver made a order under children’s act 1989 without leave of court
      so he created s crazy new application to leave lol

      on top of 3 case number to one and the same case , which order is he on ?
      my orders are to release my stolen child now under human rights so whoever is going on the 15th of February , please make a list of the children’s name to be release as the court can do so, only is it safe to display our children’s name on here ?

      I LEAVE MY WITH THE PAGE OWNER THANK YOU ,… and I will try to come to the court , too


  85. Sure Oliver needs to acknowledge that he has left a Scar in our hearts and in our children’s life will stay forever. Judge Oliver needs to be brought to justice for what he has done to innocent children. Thanks for the address I will attend.


  86. Reminder for our protest tomorrow on Thursday 15 February 18 from 2pm please let get there at minister of justice and have a peaceful protest, people the power our voice need to be heard about our innocent children who have been abused by the system because of this Gay Simon Oliver wants to get money and live luxury life. Hope to see you there I will definitely be there.


    1. A shame , Sadly I travelled for many hours ,and found myself on my own ,being the only one there ,and waited over one hour between reception and outside there was no chance to go anywhere near any Judge or lobby as the building has many lobbies , I guess whatever we do is also fighting against bureaucracy ,as it is a job for anyone shifting files ,complains and cases only no one realize real people real human are suffering against time wasted ,

      may I point out if such arrangement done ,a person in charge should of left at least a telephone number as I felt a little left out , truly disappointed by people want justice and not appearing … I demand Justice I demand my Child back and put at least all in action into place to investigations and complains the same day ,I guess is just a matter of time now we see Justice done , with Media awaiting results


  87. I just got news about this webpage recently. I had this Simon Oliver in my case he favoured my ex-partner who also is gay, I found out about his sexual activity after our marriage,It was disgusting. On his judgement Oliver fabricated things in order to help my ex-partner, two of the social workers gave false evidence to the Court I will take legal action against these pig social workers for pervert course of justice as well . What Police station in London do they take Simon Oliver complaint?, I need to register my complaint about this Oliver.


  88. And if a Judge makes an order outside the Court’s Jurisdiction such as in Len Lawrence’s case then it is a void order. Good news Oliver has disappeared from Reading. They can’t seem to make up their minds whether he’s resigned, been promoted or just gone elsewhere. He’s not recorded on the circuit or anywhere else for that matter. Any sightings or news on here from anyone?


  89. This is a very dirty judge, surely he cannot be making family decisions when he is using rent boys himself! Talk about inappropriate or what!


  90. I attended on 15th february but it seems it was not organised well , was no one to ask and was even difficult to know who was there for that protest probably next time good arrangement should be put in place .


  91. I


  92. I was asked by my barrister to get this man 4 tickets to the Barbados for a holiday. I didn’t want to give it to but my barrister forced me to do so otherwise I would not have won my case. The tickets and holiday money were placed in a black box and left in the courtroom and Judge Oliver took it away. Judge Oliver then started increasing the number of days of the hearing at a cost to me of nearly £700 per day without any valid reason apart from the fact that he could not be bothered judging the case correctly. I later realised that my barrister and this judge were probably working together to extort money from me


  93. I have read comments on here that Judge Oliver goes in the back with social workers and other officials with paperwork and comes out with a grin. Is he not working impartially? Judges are supposed to be impartial and what Judge Oliver is doing is comprising himself for the bribes he has been taking. In fact, he seems to have very little regard who he does it in front of. The merest act of improper behaviour should make a case null and void. When he has been doing it for so long, he has become comfortable doing it. I reported this bastard to the JCIO and the JCIO responded back and said they don’t investigate judges taking bribes but just misconduct such as shouting, being rude etc etc. Basically, the JCIO say that a judge taking bribes is allowed!! I think we should arrange a robbery at his house? What you say people? When hes in court, we go round and smash up the place. No one will know. I am sure he has things in his house which will not be as precious as our children.


      1. Hey, ‘Anonymouse’…are you a stooge for Simon Oliver? You’re the one talking absolute sh*te, this fat, slimy judge is corrupt to the core. Get a life and crawl back into your hole, dipsh*t.


  94. Thank you very much for the petition link, I have forwarded to my friends & family on my whatsapp contact lists. I have signed my petition as well. We will get the justice we are looking for soon.


  95. If this was another country, then we could have reached out to the Queen or the King of the country and these corrupt judges, lawyers and politicians would fear them to the core. Here in the UK, our Queen Elizabeth is absolutely useless because she doesn’t want to listen to the people who pay for her to live her life of luxury. I remember she has given royal pardons to several people but only if she was the beneficiary out of it all. If it’s other people’s children or reputations then she does not want to know. I think we should all campaign to have the monarchy removed because they don’t do anything for us apart from encouraging this kind of behaviour against the public where judges are openly taking bribes and the government and media are covering it up.


  96. I am unsure as to why judge Simon Oliver always threatens journalists and other members of the public with prison if they talk about or mention his judgements or behavior online or to each other. Surely a judge is a public person and his judicial judgements are public and are open to scrutiny by the public. It seems as though judge Simon Oliver does not want his judicial judgements scrutinised in public because there seems to be something wrong with those judicial judgements. It gives credence to the fact that everyone is saying what they are saying about him on this website which is that he is corrupt. If he has nothing to hide then he has no problem with other people talking about his judgements as he can simply defend them if he wanted to with the bare facts.


  97. 5 people need to click the link and confirm their support for us to publish your petition.

    The Petitions team
    UK Government and Parliament

    I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

    Click this link to sign the petition:

    My petition:

    To give harsher penalties for judges and lawyers who give and take bribes

    Judges in the British and UK courts regularly take bribes. They are called ‘gifts’ and ‘loans’. This is when a box is placed in the court room by the opponent which contains large sums of money and a note which details about what judgement they want. When no one is looking, the box goes missing.



  98. This dirty man was the judge in our case at Central London Family Court. We were fighting to get our child back. Judge Simon Oliver looked towards my 19 year old son in the courtroom and implied to him that he wanted sex with him. Our opponents barrister approached my 19 year old son and told him that judge Simon Oliver is interested in him. But my son ignored the request and that is when this dirty judge dismissed our case. This man is not equipped to be a family judge. He should be outside on the streets looking for male prostitutes on street corners, not when he is presiding a case in court. During the hearing, HHJ Oliver started tweaking his nipples and showing it to my son while he was doing it several times. The rest of the courtroom burst into laughter when he was doing it which I thought was very unprofessional of him. He did not take my case seriously at all. If you check this judges Facebook profile, you will see that he has several young boys as his friends. In fact, he has 47 friends who are young boys. They also seem to be rent boys.


    1. I knew it something dodgy about him , as our Barrister showed a photo of me with my son and daughter ,happy family ,as my daughters wish is to come home ,
      Mr Nipple lol Oliver was starring at the photo,then made a remark ohm he is very dishy , innocent looking ,a virgin ? how old ? where is he ? when I said University ,the Barrister said is a complement
      then very strangely he said you can arrange something meantime the daughter stays in care , at 1st i did not understood what he meant arrange what ? reading this comment , now I understand ,my 12 year old depend on me pimping my son , which is not going to happen , as my daughter will be back with hooks and crooks and no mercy on that crook ,


  99. Dear all, it’s just come to our attention that some families are in the process of filing International and European court orders against judge Simon Oliver for child abduction charges where the UK government will be implicated too. If anyone else has concerns about how their child was put into care as a result of this judge, please consider child abduction charges in the European courts as this is what judge Simon Oliver is doing. Keep everyone informed on this page by writing in the comments. Thank you for your cooperation and support.


  100. I paid this tosser 3k through my solicitor. I was told by my solicitor that it was not enough but it was still worth a shot. The money was given to Judge Oliver before lunch time during the hearing after he asked me and the opponent whether we would like to give him anything to ‘make him happy?’. My solicitor then approached the bench and gave him an envelope. There was no hiding about it, it was done openly. We might as well been in a court in Africa or India. The difference is the Africans and Indians tell you the way it is that Judges do take bribes and now unfortunately our country is now the same too but we are being extorted using our children. Its we the public that are stupid that we don’t want to understand or believe it. If we all campaigned and talked about it, we could expose these judges and lawyers doing this and it might stop. The envelope with my money in it was put under the judicial bench by Judge Oliver and i think it remained there. Judge Oliver did not rule in my favour but took my money and started making a joke about the whole thing saying he will go down to the Hells Kitchen restaurant in London later that evening and buy a big dinner and later go and stay at the Hilton and he would like to thank me for it. My solicitor and Judge Oliver laughed together. I will never trust lawyers and judges again.


  101. Is our useless Police service doing anything about this corrupt judge? Surely, they are enough allegations being put onto this website and everywhere else to warrant at least an investigation. This man has even been accused of carrying out a murder and gang rapes on teenagers and still he does not even have the police looking at him. This country is now becoming a third world country if it carries on like this with corrupt courts, judges, and police officers.


  102. If anyone really believes this is all true, you are bonkers, it,s a clever masonic bullshit site, do you REALLY think he would be allowed to act like this??? Even though he done me over on a technicality, wake up people


      1. Well, let me tell you , i can assure you it is NOT simon oliver, and as he is a mason, do you think he would write that comment?? It,s all bullshite, where are these people??.? Why are they not protesting outside the courts?? All absolute rubbish, do you really think he would still be allowed to judge if this were true?? Get outside the courts and protest if it is true, get it on the news or stfu, course you won,t, bullshite


      2. Dear anonymous,

        I guess you remained anonymous simply because you do not want to tell everyone else your identity and whether you have confidence in the claims that you are making. If you have confidence in the claims that you make on behalf of Judge Simon Oliver, then please leave your contact details in the comments so that people can contact you and enquire whether what you are saying is in fact true because a substantial number of people on this site believe otherwise.

        You ask where are all these people? Unfortunately these are the people that come into Judge Simon Oliver’s court room and then disagree with his decision afterwards. There are plenty of examples where his decisions are being disputed. Furthermore, his judicial judgements do not make sense which in addition to his continuous bad behaviour seems that he is infact corrupt.

        You state that these people should go to the courts and campaign about the allegations. Unfortunately, many people did not or do not know each other personally to arrange something like that as Judge Simon Olivers court room do not allow journalists or anyone else who is not involved in the case to come in. We believe this is to cover up any corruption that takes place and to prevent anyone seeing any boxes being passed around. Furthermore, where will all these people go and campaign? Can you please give us a name of one person that we can all campaign to and we will do that. Unfortunately, the person or people we will have to campaign to will probably just rule in Judge Simon Oliver’s favour and claim that he doesn’t do anything wrong. This is similar to the way the JCIO, JACO and the presidents of each of the divisions that Simon Oliver works in covers it up. If these people appeal this Judge’s decision, it just goes to another Judge who is also doing the same thing. So what is everyone going to campaign for?

        You state that Judge Simon Oliver is a mason and does not use bad language. Our response to that is:

        1. How do you know Judge Simon Oliver is a mason? As this is not public knowledge. We believe that you are Judge Simon Oliver or you are affiliated with him as his stooge or rent boy. Do masons not lie or are corrupt?

        2. Even if he is a mason, who cares? What do masons do for the public? How about Judge Simon Oliver does his job in the family and tribunal court system properly and he could keep his personal life personal. Him being a mason is probably fabricated just like his judicial judgements.

        3. If he is a mason, does a mason tweak his nipples in a court hearing, requests boxes be given to him, requests cars, request sexual favours etc etc. This surely does not seem like a Judge who is equipped to do his job and the only reason he still has it is because of his wide-ranging criminal connections.

        Several newspaper articles have been published in regards to Judge Simon Oliver’s behaviour. This involves a case of a Polish woman who he wanted to send to prison for talking to a journalist. Why would Judge Simon Oliver want is send someone to prison to talking to a journalist? His judicial judgements are supposed to be open to scrutiny. Some newspaper articles are as follows:




        Are all these journalists and newspaper articles lying?

        If you also look at Judge Simon Oliver’s Facebook profile, you will see that he has most if not all of his friends and contacts who are young males of a certain sexuality. Does this sound like appropriate behaviour from a Judge who presides family court hearings. He seems to be inappropriate in his professional life as well as his personal one.

        Why would 406 comments be written on this website claiming that this man is corrupt when two of your comments say that he isn’t? How come no one else has commented on this site sticking up for him and proclaiming him as a good Judge. On the civil balance of probabilities, you have clearly failed this test. 406 comments compared to your two comments is far superior of public opinion then what you say is alledged absolute rubbish. Why would all these people be lying? What is their purpose to lie? These are loving parents and good members of the public who just want the best for themselves and everyone else around them. Why would members of the public claim that Judge Simon Oliver is a murderer and someone who promotes gang rapes of teenagers? These are very serious allegations being made against this man and appears that he keeps getting away with it simply because of his criminal connections with the police and other government bodies. We would believe 406 comments on this website and 25 signatures on change.org that claim that he is corrupt. On the balance of probabilities, your two comments amount to 0.025% of the comment section of this site which is nothing compared to the 99.975% of the total comments. This has been proved to the criminal standard now of over 99%. It is safe to say that the vast majority of the public believe that Judge Simon Oliver is corrupt and takes bribes.

        Currently they are 25 signatures on the petition website change.org. 25 signatures on a petition website means that several people in the public are serious about the allegations against this man. This is in just 1 month of the petition being active. Please see the link below:


        If Judge Simon Oliver does not agree with the comments and allegations made on this website, then he should contact the website operators and ask them to take it down because it’s false and defamatory. Why has Judge Simon Oliver not done this? Why have you not done this? Why has no-one done this on his behalf to help him against all these allegations? The reason is because the allegations and comments are all correct and the website operators and publishers know this. Furthermore, Judge Simon Oliver has not denied these allegations to anyone.



  103. Hey anonymous, So you lost on a technicality and you thought you would come on this website to stick up for that obese bag of scum. Sounds like you are talking masonic bullshit. Either he bribed you or you are his rent boy.


  104. Dear ALL (apart from the fcuktard supporting Oliver or that obese corrupt scumbag Oliver under another alias)
    These are real posts from individuals about the corruption/injustices caused by that obese scumbag.
    We dont care about the warped comments the fcuktard made because the majority of us know what is going on – FACT !!
    The obese scumbag stuffs his face and calls individuals names during the course of conducting court hearings – FACT !!
    …as well as the other things he is accused of on this website ARE INDEED FACTUAL !!
    The obese scumbag is a mason based at Windlesham in Berskshire but this IS NOT THE ISSUE we have with this parasite but WE ALL CARE that the obese parsasitic scumbag is corrupt and is continually abusing his position in public office by various dishonest methods !!